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  • The Mysterious Death of Janie Ward

    This hour-long report is a result of a five-year investigation into the death of a 16-year-old girl 20 years ago in a small town in the Ozarks. It's about two daughters -- one wealthy and popular (a cheerleader and beauty queen); the other poor and self-conscious. It's about two fathers -- one a powerful judge who allegedly shielded his daughter from the law he's sworn to uphold; the other a bail bondsman who is trying to avenge his daughter's death. And it's about one family's fight for justice against what they believe is a corrupt judicial system that closed ranks around the powerful judge to cover-up a murder. When 16-year-old Jamie Ward fell off a 9-inch porch in the woods near Marshall, Ark., on September 9, 1989, her parents refused to blieve that the fall had killed their healthy teenager. Instead, they began to suspect to suspect she was murdered by the judge's daughter. After years of demanding an investigation into her death, an independent medical examiner associated with Parents for Murdered Children exhumed Janie's body a second time for an extremely rare third autopsy. Because the case was 20 years old, most of the files were not digital; rather, the investigation focused on old-fashioned reporting: finding and interviewing eyewitnesses (all of whom had not been reinterviewed since the original investigation); analyzing inconsistencies in the witness statements, double-checking the forensics with independent experts.
  • One the Hook. The ill-fated union of an insurance giant and a bail bondsman. AIG wagered on a maverick of the business, and lost; incentives to run for it. Now, sniffing out the 'skips.'

    According to the article, "...It's also one of the hundreds and possibly thousands of similar cases of skipped bail that are the fruit of an ill-fated three-year partnership between H&H Bail Bonds Inc., a firm that in its ads claimed 'We Will Bail When Others Fail,' and American International Group Inc., one of the largest and most prestigious insurers in the world. Guided by H&H founder Raymond W. Hrdlicka and backed by the financial might of AIG, H&H sought to dominate an industry of mom-and-pop shops by bending long-established rules and sometimes taking on clients whom more conservative bail-bond firms would have deemed too risky."
  • Friends in high places help wipe felon's record clean

    An investigation of a two-time convicted felon whose friendships with top law enforcement officials in Rhode Island allowed him to have his criminal record erased. Those same officials helped him get a gun permit and bail bondsman's license.
  • (Untitled)

    The Citizen (Auburn, N.Y.) investigates a web of criminal justice officials who attempted to protect a man who masqueraded as a bail bondsman; web was uncovered when a drug dealer skipped out on the county's largest bail, May - December 1990.