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  • Outlaws Blast Banks

    The Reporter investigated the action of gangs who engage in bank robberies by using explosives. They act with violence, taking hostages and spreading fear in small towns. The investigation found that the outlaws get the explosives in Paraguay, where they are sold freely, and in mining fields as well . The report also revealed exclusive videos showing how the thieves act.
  • Safe Keeping?

    "Bank robbery has been on the rise in Richmond. What can be done to make us safer?" Richmond magazine's series on local bank robberies details what some area banks are doing to clamp down on the phenomenon. Sidebars on Richmond's robbery record, as well as one on Val Keith Yuen, complete this package.
  • Mexican Tale of Absolute Drug Corruption

    The New York Times investigates the problems surfacing in Baja California as a result of its increasing drug trade. "Street crime, fed by an explosion of drug abuse, has risen exponentially. With the police overwhelmed by drug-related killings and the courts awash in traffickers' bribes, crimes almost unheard of not long ago -- kidnappings, bank robberies, drive-by shootings -- are commonplace."
  • (Untitled)

    The story of David Belfield, AKA Dauod Salahuddin, showed that in the late 1970's and throughout the early 1980's the government of Iran recruited disaffected American blacks to commit terrorist acts throughout the United States in the name of Islam. It was a well-organized, well-financed, and intricately planned plot to commit murders, bank robberies, arsons, burglaries and acts of political terrorism. All of the recruits were found in either mosques or prisons in the United States, paid in cash, and given elaborate escape plans and passports to Islamic countries. (January 19, 1996)