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  • "State 7th in U.S. in boat mishaps accidents"

    Arizona has one of the highest boating accident rates in the country. It is also one of the only states to not have boater education laws or require boat operators to take any type of education course before going out on the water. The National Transportation Safety Board has been urging Arizona to create and enforce such safety laws to decrease the number of accidents.
  • In Search of Safer Waters

    This CAR investigation reveals that boats, inexperience and bad decisions are responsible for Wisconsin's boat accidents. Preliminary data shows that this summer may have been one of the safest years in boating, but officials attribute that to the weather than a trend in safety measures.
  • Dangerous Waters

    As boat traffic has increased in the State of Missouri, so have accidents, arrests, injuries and deaths. Missouri is one of the most dangerous states for boaters, according to an analysis of U.S. Coast Guard data. The agency tracks serious accidents, those involving injury or death, or damage exceeding $500.
  • (Untitled)

    At Big Cypress National Preserve airboaters are being enticed by news that they can gross $700 or more a night hunting frogs. What the froggers are doing is illegal but while rangers know about the froggers they allow the hunting to continue causing serious damage to wetlands and possibly imperiling two endangered species that live in the wetlands. The Miami Herald looks at loopholes which make enforcement of wildlife protection laws nearly impossible. (April 29,1996)