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    The Progressive reports that the U.S. government runs an unlicensed, unregulated delivery fleet of armed trucks loaded with nuclear bombs and warheads, thus exposing citizens unknowingly to a network of nuclear weapons, November 1984 and February 1986.
  • Sophisticated Bombs Like One in Lockerbie Prove Hard to Detect

    Wall Street Journal looks at the sophisticated plastic bombs terrorists use on airplanes; finds airport security devices such as X-rays and metal detectors cannot detect the bomb's contents; reviews the 1982 explosion of a bomb on a Pan Am flight from Hong Kong to Tokyo.
  • The Day They Bombed Checotah

    ABC News 20/20 finds the U.S. military refused to accept responsibility for the explosion of a shipment of bombs that extensively damaged Checotah, Oklahoma; discovers the military hired private carriers to transport most explosives without investigating the safety of the trucking companies, May 1, 1986.
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    Kansas City Star series looks into Whiteman Air Force Base; reports that a critical error was made in 1979 in deployment of some Whiteman nuclear bombs; finds morale problems at the base, January 1981.
  • Beating Swords Into Swords

    Bulletin of the Atomic Scientists article, "Beating Swords Into Swords," reports that missiles eliminated under the Intermediate-Range Nuclear Forces (INF) Treaty are being repackaged as B61 bombs.
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    New West article examines the use of homemade nuclear bombs for terrorist kidnapping threats; article also looks into the health and safety risks that use of such "dirty" bombs creates.
  • Where the bombs are

    New West runs article on storage and moving accidents related to nuclear bombs in California. (Bibliography: on disarmament and arms control.)