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  • Airport Scandal: Atlanta political payoffs alleged

    The Atlanta Journal-Constitution reports about a twelve-year, ongoing investigation into the relationship between the Atlanta airport, and several former City councilmen, has lead to seven people, including two former or current Atlanta City councilmen to be indicted. Two businessmen have also pleaded guilty.
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    The Texas Monthly looks at the sheriff of Hidalgo County, who was found guilty of bribery, money laundering and racketeering. The article traces the rise and fall of the sheriff and how he became involved in a drug smuggling ring, Dec. 1994.
  • Still Business As Usual

    ABC Primetime Live follows 10 Congressmen to a luxurious stay in Florida to enjoy expensive lodging, food and activities, all paid for by lobbyists seeking special breaks; critics call it legalized bribery, April 29, 1993.
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    New Times (Miami) follows an FBI investigation involving the Dade County, Fla., mayor; the case involved bribery, extortion and illegal handling of campaign funds, July 13, 1988.
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    Public Citizen reveals how the pharmaceutical industry spends more than $8 billion a year on new research and development, and spends almost as much marketing its new drugs--more than $5 billion in 1990 in the United States alone, and passing on the cost to the consumer; drug marketing practices have evolved into a slick, thinly veiled form of bribery--fancy gifts, money or other compensation are offered to doctors in return for pushing new drugs, March/April 1991.

    WDSU-TV (New Orleans) discloses highly secret FBI investigation of Federal District Court Judge Robert Collins for alleged bribery, extortion, and wire fraud, Aug. 13 - 24, 1990.
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    Miami Herald details corruption and cronyism in the Broward County Sheriffs office; investigates allegations of extortion, bribery, influence peddling and drug trafficking, September - December 1990.
  • Inside Greylord

    Chicago Tribune Magazine tracks the undercover experience of an assistant state's attorney who went undercover in Operation Greylord, which exposed widespread and flagrant corruption in the Cook County court system.
  • "Village Ruler: How a Rural Judge Wielded Kingly Power Over Abject Subjects"

    This report details charges against a rural Pennsylvania judge who was indicted on allegations ranging from theft and bribery to coercion and lewdness - a case that exemplifies the broader problem of domineering rural judges.
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    New York Post uncovers massive fraud by New York National Guard officials, including one general who skillfully derailed federal investigators; finds evidence of bribery in Congress and the Pentagon involving defense contracts; the guard allowed thousands of no-shows, or AWOLs, to remain on the books to inflate the guard's troop strength and mislead the Pentagon about the state guard's readiness for war or national disaster; the inflated figures allowed the guard to build its budget to nearly $400 million a year--triple the size of a decade ago, Dec. 11 - 13, 1989.