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  • Congressional Rents

    Inside Edition’s report on “Congressional Rents” is an unprecedented investigation that uncovered case after case of US Congressmen overpaying rent for their congressional offices to fat-cat campaign donors. The rent money comes from their Member’s Representation Allowance (MRA) which is funded by tax dollars. Reporters and researchers for Inside Edition exhaustively examined tens of thousands of documents, including Secretary of State corporate records, Federal Election Commission campaign donor databases, and the Statement of Disbursements for the US House of Representatives to help uncover the shady leases for their congressional offices.
  • Outdoors grant investigation

    The investigation detailed how a handful of political insiders engineered a $500,000 hunting and fishing grant in perpetuity for some of their friends and political supporters. The taxpayer-funded grant from the state of Wisconsin went for teaching and promoting the sports of hunting and fishing, but the newly created receiving organization, the United Sportsmen, didn’t have any experience doing that work. Instead, the group had been doing political work and lobbying, often for goals at odds with those of some other outdoors groups, such as supporting a massive proposed pit mine in an area used by hunters and anglers. In spite of that, lawmakers wrote the grant qualifications to exclude more experienced groups and target their ally, which had the support of one of the state’s wealthiest and most influential campaign donors. In doing so, the lawmakers knowingly but surreptitiously put at risk millions of dollars in federal conservation funds for Wisconsin.
  • Tax Buyers, Politicians Benefit From Tax Sales

    The series uncovers abuse in the Madison County, Ill. tax collection system. The county treasurer turns a government program meant to help delinquent property owners into one that victimizes them while enriching the treasurer's wealthy campaign donors.
  • DMN Investigates/Rick Perry

    The Dallas Morning News investigated the background of Texas governor,Rick Perry, as he sought re-election for a third term. The reporters showed that the state had given more than $16 million taxpayer dollars to high tech companies with investors or officers who were large campaign donors to Perry.
  • Secret Scholarships

    This series reveals a number of scholarships being awarded to "campaign donors, politically connected families and, in at least one instance, a lawmaker's relative." Also, it reveals that many scholarship recipients are required by law to be represented by lawmakers when they receive their scholarships, which many were not. Further, these scholarship programs are practically unregulated and many experts believe the money should be given to those most in need.
  • The Favor Factory

    The Seattle Times analyzed the 2008 defense bill and found that lawmakers - who had promised full disclosure of earmarks - were hiding $3.5 billion of them, about 40 percent of total earmarks. Some of the most prominent and powerful members of Congress used loopholes in a new reform measure to avoid disclosure.
  • Egregious

    The Rio Grande Sun investigated New Mexico's Governor Bill Richardson's use of state-owned airplanes. They found he used them for 25-mile trips, transporting major fund raisers to horse races and was in the habit of having his official SUV driven ahead of him to his destination so it would be waiting when his plane landed.
  • Major Money. Singular Sway

    Campbell analyzed the Federal Elections Commission database to determine the 100 largest individual campaign donors from California. He found that the top 100 together contributed more than $150 million in the 2003-2004 election cycle, and had a huge impact on the state's politics and policies in areas like stem cell research and workers' compensation.
  • The Fixers

    FRONTLINE documentary traces the roots of the Clinton administration's Asian-American connections and follows the story of how one pair of campaign donors-- a couple from Hawaii-- fundraised their way from relative obscurity into the White House.
  • (Untitled)

    Phoenix Gazette exposes the practice of city council giving large no-bid contracts to campaign donors; also establishes that most city council campaign donations comes from outside the city and state, Feb. 21 - 23, 1993.