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  • Writs Gone Wrong

    The Austin American-Statesman investigates as writs of habeas corpus are found to have errors when submitted to the court. These writs are essential in death row appeals because they "help ensure that the right person will be executed and that verdicts are obtained in accordance with the U.S. and state constitutions." But the newspaper found that "court appointed lawyers routinely submit shockingly botched writs applications. Some are incomplete, incomprehensible or improperly argued. Others are duplicated, poorly, from previous appeals." Yet, these lawyers are not held accountable for these mistakes.
  • Justice Dismissed

    Justice Dismissed is an investigation into Bexar County court system that showed how a handful of court judges were "aggressively" dismissing criminal cases for "lack of a speedy trial" to lighten the case load in their courts. The judges were using taxpayer funds to pay defense attorneys to help them do it.
  • (Untitled)

    The story found that a third of parolees go back to prison for a new crime within 3 years of release. Illinois spends the least in the U.S. to supervise parolees while parole agents have the highest case load in the U.S. The series uncovered many problems with a parole program the state considered to be a show case system. (Oct. 24 - 26, 1995)