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  • The historical Sites in Dinghai Old Town are Being Destroyed

    "Dinghai's Old Town in east Zhejiang's Zhou Shan archipelago has thousands of years history. ... Since the late 1990's, under the influence of 'old town reform' trend, the local government shoved down Ming and Qing Dynasty and replaced them with department stores and matchbox style residence buildings. ... This historically famous cultural town, which was well kept through all the wars, is being destroyed little by little."
  • Famers' Uprising in Fengcheng, Jiangxi Province

    "Recently, a shockingly similar picture to the CCP's Cracking Down Local Tyrants Campaign in old days appeared in Fengcheng district of Jiangxi Province: More than 20,000 farmers surrounded a number of county and township governments and looted residences of county and village level officials. The local governments finally calmed down the incident after they assigned at least 2,000 armed policemen to the area and arrested more than 10 people." This report examines what the reason was for "the Communist Party that had grown and thrived from the farmers to have such a sharp conflict with the farmers."
  • The Road to Racak

    CBC Radio News investigated the "January 15, 1999 massacre of Kosovar Albanians in the village of Racak. the discovery of dozens of bodies lying slaughtered in a village ravine was widely viewed as 'The Event' which triggered NATO's intervention in Kosovo. The documentary aimed to investigate the many suspicious questions surrounding the massacre, reconstruct the events leading up to it and assess the extent to which the massacre was 'orchestrated' as a means of precipitating NATO's intervention."
  • The Sorrow of Shannxi Farmers: The Story of Lawyer Ma Wenlin

    This story examines "an incident that happened in Northern Shannxi's Zizhou County that caught overseas media attention: 30,160 farmers collectively signed an appeal letter asking the government to release lawyer Ma Wenlin, who was put in jail because he helped farmers to sue the local county government. Even though China has a large population, it still is a rare incident in which so many farmers are willing to take the risk to sign a letter that asks the government to release a lawyer." This investigation looks at why so many farmers care about the lawyer's fate.
  • Beneath Native Land: Occidental Petroleum in South America

    Much of the oil sought by Occidental Petroleum is under Indian land. In the Peruvian Amazon, OXY "polluted principal water sources used by several groups of Indians in the Peruvian Amazon. It did so for close to 30 years, at a time when the region lacked the protection of environmental laws. People in the region say they're still living with this legacy. The second half of the story takes place in Ecuador [where] ... the company uses more modern technology and is notably cleaner. But as the indigenous movement has strengthened and sometimes hampered oil drilling, Occidental has used coercive methods to gain approval for exploration."
  • Lethal Legacy

    "The story began with one soldier who died a mysterious death. It ended up changing Canadian government policy and setting off a wave of international medial coverage ... The main character in the first story was Terry Riordon, a Gulf War veteran from the small town of Yarmouth , Nova Scotia who dies with a mysterious and awful collections of illnesses. His widow gave us exclusive access to test results that she had done on Riordon's tissues and bones. They showed that he had depleted uranium in his bones almost a decade after the Gulf War."
  • Massacre at Cuska

    "'Massacre at Cuska' documents the direct connections bewteen Serbian security forces committing atrocities in the field, and the regime of Serbia's leader, Slobadan Milosevic." Serbian fighters and surviving Albanian villagers offer their observations in this radio documentary.
  • MCI Shirley Prison Allegations

    The story "raised allegations that more than two dozen inmates were beaten during a routine search of a medium security prison."
  • NYPD Strip Searches: Though illegal, practice continues

    "A year after the city began keeping records, documents show at least 20 people have sued the city for wrongful strip searches, claiming $57 million in damages. Those strip-searched include people arrested for offenses like driving with a suspended licenses and running a red light.
  • Shadow Over Lockerbie

    "On December 21, 1988, 270 people died in the worst-ever act of air terrorism against the U.S. - the bombing of Pan Am flight 103 over Lockerbie, Scotland. Eleven years later, two alleged members of the Libyan Intelligence Service are scheduled to face trial starting in February, 2000. Relatives of the victims sway they're pleased that the Lockerbie case will finally get a thorough hearing in a court room. Many are convinced of the Libyan's guilt. Others are skeptical."