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  • Sex Offender Central

    Oklahoma state officials placed a probation and parole office, where sex offenders are required to check-in regularly, directly across the street from an elementary school. Not only does it violate the sex offenders' parole to visit the center, but it may also put the children at risk.
  • Airport security: Years of inaction left flawed system to fail

    A Kansas City Star investigative packet examines lapses in aviation security, which allowed for the Sept. 11 terrorist attack to occur. Airlines have always fought against draft legislation for raising minimum security standards, the Star reports, in order to keep their attractiveness to customers and profit margins. One of the stories reveals that airlines have regularly sent congressmen on vacation and 'educational' trips for free, in exchange for favorable legislation. Despite constant warnings by the General Accounting Office, not only the Congress, but also the FAA failed to enforce rules to tighten airport security. Some of the findings are that screeners sometimes turned out to be felons, and bags were not scanned for bombs. The investigation focuses on problems detected specifically at the Kansas City International Airport, the nation's 35th busiest airport.
  • Marked For Death

    Westword reports on federal inmate Tony Francis, whose case highlights the inability of the Department of Prisons to prevent violence or protect prisoners from each other. Prisoners who "check-in" to protective custody make themselves even more of a target than a prisoner who won't defend himself. Tony Francis' solution was to get caught escaping and isolated without the stigma of being a snitch.