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  • Childhood Poverty: Cincinnati's Crisis - Study says Cincinnati needs more affordable housing units to help break cycle of poverty

    For the last four years, we've been researching why Cincinnati has one of the top 5 worst rates of child poverty in the country. Our stories focus on who could be responsible, and more importantly, potential solutions to the problem. We have produced more than 100 stories on this topic since 2015.
  • The Poor Kids of Silicon Valley

    Silicon Valley is built on the promise of the American Dream. Rags to riches. Anyone can make it. Apple and Google grew out of garages there. Yet CNN Opinion columnist John Sutter and videographer Brandon Ancil found this valley of riches, the heart of the U.S. tech industry, to be plagued by widespread and severe child poverty. Sutter argued that this is not only a moral outrage in this era of income inequality, it also undermines this valley’s future and that of the country.
  • The State of Our Children

    Texas has a lot to brag about: It’s a leader in job growth, energy production and building. It’s also near the top of another list, but it’s not something you’ll likely see shared often on social media: child poverty. 1.7 million children in Texas living in poverty. TEGNA Media stations across Texas teamed up to expose this problem, and ask questions as to why this is the State of our Children.
  • 60 Minutes: Hard Times Generation I

    A report on how hunger and homelessness affect children and their families.
  • 60 Minutes: Hard Times Generation II

    A story on the Metzger family, one of many homeless families in Florida that have been forced out of their homes to live in cars or on the street, and how they maintain a normal life despite this unconventional living situation.
  • Living in the Shadows

    Boston Globe takes a hard look at children living in poverty across the nation in this series of essays and photos. "Thirteen million American children live in poverty...three times as many as a decade ago," begins the series. "Who are they? How do they live? If this is our present, what is our future?" The Globe attempts to answer that question in this sweeping series on child poverty.