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  • Out of Balance

    A nine-month investigation by The Indianapolis Star found 368 gymnasts had alleged sexual abuse over the last two decades at the hands of coaches and other authority figures — and revealed why: USA Gymnastics, the sport’s national governing body, failed to protect young athletes by employing a policy of dismissing many child sex abuse allegations as hearsay; declining to report allegations to police; failing to track abusive coaches who move from gym to gym; denying responsibility for oversight; and, in some cases, pressuring alleged victims to remain silent. The reporting also emboldened more than 60 women to come forward with allegations of sexual abuse against a longtime USA Gymnastics team physician, who now faces state and federal charges.
  • Air Marshals: Undercover and Under Arrest

    The Federal Air Marshal Service presents the image of an elite undercover force charged with making life-and-death decisions that demand sound judgment. ProPublica found that dozens of air marshals have been charged with crimes, including 18 felonies, and hundreds more have been accused of misconduct. Cases include smuggling drugs past airport security, aiding a human trafficking ring, child sex abuse, bribery, drunken driving, domestic violence, holding an escort against her will during an overnight layover, solicitation to commit murder and voyeurism after one air marshal was caught taking photos of women's genitals on the steps of the Lincoln Memorial.
  • Child Sex Abuse

    After a high school coach was charged for having sexual relations with an underage student, many more victims stepped forward. The Times also found that the Bossier sheriff's office had mishandled a case with a 15-year-old girl.
  • Pedophile Priests

    The Tennessean's investigation that "started out as a story about child sex abuse by clergy became a year-long investigation of how the very entities most expected to protect the interests of Nashville's children - church, police and juvenile court -- had repeatedly failed to prevent the abuse.... (the) Roman Catholic Diocese had protected two known pedophiles who had abused children for years, then pushed them quietly from the priesthood onto an unsuspecting community - even though the law required officials to report the men."
  • (Untitled)

    Toledo (Ohio) Blade uncovers series of abuses by police using Toledo Police Internal Affairs files, finds officers have committed long series of crimes ranging from shooting innocent people to child sex abuse, citizen complaints are dismissed, officers hired with drug and criminal records; stories resulted in extensive reforms, June 24 - July 1, 1990.
  • Who Is Protecting Our Children?

    WTHR-TV (Indianapolis) program looks at how public policy and the judicial system deal with child sex abuse cases; finds perpetrators are rarely punished, while victims suffer further inadvertent abuse by police, prosecutors and the courts, Sept. 3, 1985.