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  • Silent No More

    The Hearst Television National Investigative Unit’s year-long investigation, ‘Silent No More,’ uncovered new allegations of child sexual abuse and decades-long cover-ups inside a religious organization in the United States. We also learned investigators from Attorneys General offices in at least three states have been looking into the Jehovah’s Witnesses church – and that the number has likely grown since our four-part series aired in August and September of 2019. Perhaps most importantly, the survivors who agreed to speak on-camera for this series told us they now have a new sense of empowerment; one launched a non-profit, a few testified before state legislatures, several obtained attorneys, and all told us of the confidence they gained after being silent for so long.
  • 12 News I-Team: Predators in Plain Sight

    In this 12 News I-Team report, were looking at protecting our most precious resource, our children. Arizona families rely on the state sex offender registry to keep them informed on whether a sex offender lives in their neighborhood or has recently moved in.
  • Jehovah’s Witnesses

    The most comprehensive examination of sexual abuse within the Jehovah’s Witnesses organization and its handling of cases within its congregations, including revealing a policy of silence has kept child sexual abuse cases from law enforcement and allowed perpetrators access to victims.
  • KC Perversion Files

    A 41 Action News investigation discovered one of the nation's leading youth organizations did not report suspected child sexual abuse to authorities, allowing accused molesters to avoid punishment and putting other children in harm's way. During a five-month investigation, 41 Action News reviewed dozens of Boy Scouts of America’s "perversion files" from 1971-1991 with ties to the Kansas City area. During our analysis of the files, intended as a blacklist to keep convicted and suspected pedophiles out of Scouting, we conducted interviews with alleged victims, spoke with a long-time Scouting leader, and tracked down men who had been kicked out of the organization after sexual abuse allegations surfaced.
  • Dangerous Web

    Dateline went online to impersonate children, logged onto chat rooms and then pretended to allow themselves to be lured into meetings with men who wanted to have sex with them. In hidden camera interviews Dateline showed 18 men in two days who arrived at a house set up by Dateline where the men thought they would have sex with underage teens. When questioned by Dateline, they came up with a whole litany of excuses for their behavior.
  • Immaculate Deception

    Raymond Burke, named Archbishop of St. Louis in December, 2004, managed to hide the history of sexual misconduct by three priests in his former diocese, La Crosse, Wisconsin. In one case he paid off a victim but refused to refer her case to the diocese's Child Sexual Abuse Review Board. In another case, a victim was offered a meeting with Bishop Burke regarding her alleged abuse only if she would agree to keep the matter private.This story names three priests who were abusers and who had never been publicly identified before.
  • Dr. Crooks: Exposing A Criminal

    This investigation follows allegations a prominent dermatologist faced of child sexual molestation that dated back more than 40 years. Police pursued the allegations and more cases came forward after the investigation aired. The dermatologist in question gave up his medical license and turned himself into the police.
  • Pedophilia

    This story examines pedophilia and looks at various causes and methods of treatment.
  • The Puppetmasters

    Penthouse looks into accusations of child sexual abuse levelled at daycare providers and parents.
  • (Untitled)

    Nightline explored a current dilemma in the criminal justice system - the reluctance of prosecutors to try child sexual abuse cases because of the climate of doubt surrounding young children's testimony. Nightline found that many of the nation's prosecutors are choosing to plead out the cases for lesser charges or failing to prosecute altogether. Most startling, the investigation also revealed that the climate of doubt about children's testimony has been fueled by a combination of p.r., defense experts, and "research" that is without scientific foundation. (November 14, 1996)