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  • American Divide; The Immigration Crackdown

    The crackdown on immigrants living here illegally has spread to nearly every corner of the United States. States, counties and private citizens have taken matters into their own hands. Get-tough laws, however, have created unintended consequences for U.S. citizens, employers and foreigners
  • The Redevelopment Investigation

    This investigation came in several installments throughout the year. The city of San Diego, unlike any other government in California, operates two redevelopment agencies outside of the traditional City Hall structure and with little oversight, running them as separate nonprofit corporations with their own presidents, boards, offices and identities. An investigation into those two public agencies, which have combined annual budgets of nearly $300 million, uncovered a rogue system of forgotten government, which was underscored by a clandestine bonus system. The president of one agency used to pay herself and her aides more than $1 million over 5 years and numerous conflicts of interests between developers and top officials.
  • Billboards Gone Wild

    LA Weekly was the first newspaper in Los Angeles to seriously investigate a decade-long losing battle by Los Angeles City Hall to reign in illegal billboards.
  • The All About Me Mayor

    Los Angeles Mayor Antonio Villaraigosa is known for holding endless press conferences, flying around the world and campaigning for presidential candidates. The author, using a California Public Records Request, received the mayor's work schedule from may through July and found that Villaraigosa had spend only 11 percent of his time on "real, roll up your sleeves work."
  • Bruton's $800 Million Incentive

    Bell takes a look behind the scenes to see how a billionaire NASCAR track owner was able to get "$80 million in incentives from local officials after he threatened to move his racing complex."
  • A Question of Security

    The "investigation discovered allegations of overfilling and security gaps at three major facilities in South Florida- the Miami Metrorail system and the Juvenile Assessment Center and a major hospital. All have contacts with Wackenhut, one of the largest security companies in America. The publicly funded contracts involve millions of dollars. Not only did we observe unfilled posts first-hand, but guards, former guards and supervisors went public detailing a pattern of fraud."
  • To Protect and Massage

    WXYZ-TV found that Detroit Police Sergeant was going to massage school while she was supposed to be on her beat.
  • Sofa Super Store Fire

    "An ongoing investigation into what went wrong at the Sofa Super Store fire that killed nine Charleston firefighters on June 18, 2007. The Post and Courier's reports revealed numerous instances in which the fire department's leadership, training, equipment and tactics conflict with other area fire departments and national practices and standards. The newspaper also reported on shortcomings in the city's building inspection and water departments that contributed to the fire's rapid spread."
  • Police Illegally Buying Machine Guns

    "An ongoing, in-depth investigation, coupled with ongoing Freedom of Information litigation, of the secret, illegal purchase of dozens of machine guns by officers of the Albany, NY Police Department who used their agency's authority to buy automatic weapons for official use only as a means to acquire restricted firearms for personal sport and amusement. Eventually, the guns began turning up for sale in at least two gun stores. To this day, several machine guns remain missing and unaccounted for while the department refuses to comply with New York's FOI Laws and has fought disclosure of the truth at every turn."
  • Mayor's Aide Accused of Dirty Tricks

    "Over the past four years, we've reported so many stories of ineffective government, mismanagement; and corruption that San Francisco Mayor Gavin Newsom refuses to speak with us for any report. In January, we learned that his Press Officer was taking it a step further- going on-line under fake names and blasting us on local blogs, including our own website. This story gave viewers an insight into the resistance all investigative reporters sometimes face, and the difficulty of pursuing hard-hitting stories."