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  • Desperate Choices: Giving Up Custody For Care

    Lisa Chedekel, senior writer, Connecticut Health I-Team, uncovered a practice within the state's Department of Children and Families (DCF) of coercing parents of children with severe behavioral problems to give up custody of their children, in exchange for needed care. Although DCF officials said the practice was rare, C-HIT found that more than 860 children were given up to state custody since 2011 because their families could not access "specialized care."
  • Tucson ministry a cult, former followers say

    An investigation by Arizona Daily Star reporters Carol Ann Alaimo and Emily Bregel revealed that a local ministry, Faith Christian Church, had for decades been aggressively recruiting members on the University of Arizona’s campus, leaving in its wake a trail of traumatized former members who describe the church as a cult. Their stories — told independently over weeks of reporting — were remarkably similar. They included reports of hitting infants who exhibit a “rebellious spirit,” financial coercion, alienation from parents, public shaming of members and shunning of those who leave the church or question its leaders. After leaving, some say they spent years in therapy for panic attacks, depression, flashbacks and other symptoms of post-traumatic stress disorder.
  • Scenes of a Crime

    'Scenes of a Crime' explores a 10-hour interrogation culminating in a disputed confession, and an intense, high-profile murder trial in New York state. In September 2008, an infant named Matthew Thomas lies brain dead in a hospital, and his doctor misdiagnoses a skull fracture. The doctor tells Troy, New York police that the child has been murdered, and the detectives bring the baby’s father, Adrian Thomas, in for questioning. Police video of the interrogation reveals the complicated psychological contest between detectives and their suspect over many hours, including lies, threats and coercion that are legally permitted by most courts.
  • Anatomy of a Bad Confession

    The reporter investigates whether the Worcester Police Department coerced a confession and wrongfully failed to recognize the Miranda Rights of a sixteen-year-old girl.
  • Abuse of the Badge?

    A Sheriff's Deputy has long been accused of sexual assault, coercion, manipulation and extortion but there was never enough evidence to back up the claims. This series compiles months of background investigation, interviews with other members of law enforcement and testimony from multiple alleged victims.
  • Snitch

    "Snitch" told the story of a terrified grandmother from a housing project who witnessed a murder and reporter it anonymously, only to be coerced into testifying in court and then forced into a witness relocation program. The story also revealed the strong-arm tactics of a crime-laden city's homicide unite and district attorney's office which failed to provide accommodations for the relocated witness's pet dog, who was eventually euthanized. The story also described the realities of living in San Francisco's worst housing project, where murder is common and named witnesses are almost unheard of.
  • A Coach's Secret

    Investigating the cause of a women's basketball coach's suicide, the coach's unpleasant history was uncovered. Reports of spousal abuse, a habit of dating former players, and sexual coercion of players were scattered in his past.
  • Road to Corruption

    The Citizen-Times investigates corruption among police officers at the Division of Motor Vehicles. According to the contest questionnaire: "Charges included bribe-taking to ignore truck-safety violations for politically connected companies, job and promotion buying within the agency, the coercion of officers to make donations to politicians, ticket-fixing and a loss of focus on the primary mission of enforcing trucking industry laws." Some of the conclusions were based on database analysis. The newspaper's investigation has been followed by a grand jury investigation.
  • Sexual

    This article investigates what happens "when dating becomes coercion" and finds that "in the intense atmosphere of an Internet start-up, the lines between work and play can become easily blurred." The story finds that most Internet companies are headed by men, and the writers and editors "wondered what conditions were contributing to this fact." They found that "the hardscrabble work/play environments gave men an advantage, which they often tried to capitalize on sexually."
  • (Untitled)

    This Penthouse article looks at the striking similarity between Attorney General, Janet Reno's, over-zealous prosecutions of child abusers and child molesters and Reno's conduct in the FBI assault on the Branch Davidian compound in Waco, Texas. Penthouse finds Reno used intimidation and coercion of young children to illicit convictions which may have destroyed the lives of innocent adults. (May 1996)