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  • Wisconsin Center for Investigative Journalism: Countering Concussions

    Our series, "Countering Concussions," revealed that while the University of Wisconsin-Madison is a leader in studying concussions, some former football players are suffering from severe post-concussive symptoms that have prompted them to leave the game — and worry about their futures.
  • Texas Concussions Uncounted

    The KHOU 11 News I-Team discovered serious flaws in Texas's counting of concussions in high school sports. Not only were only about one-in-five schools required to file weekly injury reports, even then those reports only covered one sport. Further investigation revealed many of the schools that were required to report injuries had not. Just as surprising, even the state's governing body for high school sports was unable to definitely say which schools were supposed to be reporting concussions under its own rules.
  • University Presidents Tackle Football's Future

    Medical science, lawsuits and money are changing the landscape for college football. What do university presidents have to say about the future of a sport that causes brain damage? We contacted every Division I university president assuring them their responses would be published in their entirety. Watch University Presidents Tackle Football's Future for an overview and a surprising finding about university presidents being questioned about concussions, the risk of the concussion litigation and the cost of college athletics.
  • Protecting the Players: How safe are your school’s helmets?

    Gannett Broadcast stations nationwide launched an unprecedented project sending FOIA requests to more than thousand school districts across the country in an effort to educate parents and schools about which student athletes are using lower-rated football helmets that could make those who wear them more susceptible to concussions.
  • NFL at a Crossroads: Investigating a health crisis

    Awareness of the football concussion crisis reached the mainstream in 2013, and ESPN’s “Outside the Lines” continued its now two-year investigation. In its crossplatform series of stories in 2013, “Outside the Lines” shed light on all aspects of the crisis, from the NFL’s years-long denials that playing football could lead to brain damage to how the crisis affects football at all levels to the behind-the-scenes happenings related to the settlement of a federal lawsuit more than 4,000 players had filed against the NFL.
  • HBO: NCAA Head Games

    Five years into football’s concussions crisis, one group of athletes may be in more danger than any other: college football players. That’s because while leagues from the NFL down to Pop Warner have sharply reduced contact in practice to limit the amount of hits to the head, the NCAA has yet to mandate any rules. A six-month Real Sports investigation found that, over the course of a year, the average college football player is exposed to 70% more hits to the head than an NFL player. All these hits can add up and make it harder for the brain to function and do the work of being a student. In other words, young men going to college purportedly to improve their minds are often doing precisely the opposite—they are damaging them. Once these athletes leave college they’re on their own to deal with the potential consequences. The NFL provides long-term medical care for its football players. The NCAA does not.
  • Concussion Crisis

    The stories examine the seriousness of concussions among athletes in youth and professional sports. Safety inadequacies in hundreds of thousands of football helmets have led to brain trauma and more.
  • Brain Wars: How the Military is Failing Its Wounded

    The series uncovers a pattern of broken promises and ignored problems within the medical system for America's soldiers and veterans. Despite the hundreds of thousands of soldiers suffering from serious brain injuries, the military has continued to fail to diagnose and treat their injuries. In some cases, brain injuries were dismissed as headaches.
  • The Concussion Crisis

    An examination of "the growing problem of concussions in football, among high school through professional players, from a medical and psychological standpoint."
  • NHL Headache

    Players in the National Hockey League have been in danger of concussions and other health hazards that can reult in serious neurological problems. From the '96-97 season through the '06-07 year, there were 5,500 missed games wand cost teams millions of dollars in salaries to players who weren't on the ice.