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    New Times (Miami) explores the potential problems of police officers moonlighting in uniform; some critics charge there's an inherent conflict of interests, March 29, 1989.
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    WSSU Radio (Springfield, Ill.) investigates a possible conflict of interest in Illinios' Supreme Court; attorneys lobbying the court are also under its employ, Dec. 27 - 29, 1989.

    WAGA-TV (Atlanta, Ga.) details the conflict of interest and abuse of power involving a large organ bank; finds the organ bank violated federal rules determining organ recipients, resulting in wasted organ donations, Feb. 9 - March 10, 1988.
  • The Judge and the Therapist

    WAGA-TV (Atlanta, Ga.) uncovers flaws in an alternative sentencing program in a Georgia court; finds a municipal court judge sentencing defendants to a private therapist who once counselled the judge; finds defendants were given no choice but to see the $70-an-hour therapist.
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    Times Union (Albany, N.Y.) exposes the Albany County executive's involvement in private business dealings with people who do business with the county, raising serious conflict of interests questions, Sept. 11 - 12, 1988.
  • "Cost of Operations Up 39 Pct. Since '84"...

    St. Louis Post-Dispatch investigated the annual Fourth of July celebrations of the VP Fair. The group operated on a $4.6 million budget, some of that tax money, but refused to show how the money was allocated. The fair's revenue increased dramatically due to the success of the event which included the sale of television rights. Numerous conflict of interest situations were present, with fair directors winning contracts and work. Additionally, a second associate organization was established to keep certain funds separate.
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    Lexington (Ky.) Herald-Leader discovers that a state representative's business dealings with state agencies showed a pattern of double dealing using two sets of books, violating conflict of interests laws and covering up his role in state contracts, Oct. 9, 1988.
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    Commercial Appeal investigates the apparent conflict of interests caused by the chairman of the Center for Naval Analysis also holding the job of executive vice president of Ball Corporation, Oct. 2 - 7, 1988.
  • Mauro loans reportedly followed state contract

    United Press International runs series detailing connection between Texas Land Commissioner and prominent Democratic fund-raiser, who got no-bid contract to administer veterans housing program; he later returned the favor with real-estate loans for the commissioner and his family.
  • Workers Comp: Conflict of Interest

    WIS-TV (Columbia, S.C.) airs series on a state industrial commissioner charged with administering worker compensation claims who has filed seven claims, the last awarding himself $57,000, 1983.