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    St. Paul Pioneer Press examines the Metropolitan Waste Control Commission; finds pollution control equipment doesn't work, construction delays and overruns cost millions of dollars, consulting contracts go to friends, May 1983.
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    Call-Chronicle (Allentown, Pa.) series examines 20 - year history of a proposed 36-mile stretch of interstate highway now nearing completion; construction was blocked in courts and government bureaucracies, November 1979.
  • Bechtel's $45 Million Screw Job

    A four-month SFBG investigation concluded that the city of San Francisco is wasting money on a contract with Bechtel Infrastructure Corporation to help manage reconstruction of the city's water system. The story looks at the problems of privatization.
  • Problems Surface at Bennet Apratments

    Manchester (Conn.) Herald investigates an apartment complex for the elderly and finds a series of problems ranging from inadequate heat to faulty building construction.
  • Pocketbook Politics

    Anchorage Daily News takes the first comprehensive look at campaign financing in Alaska, legally, on the edge of the law, and illegally. Not surprisingly, the state's biggest industries - construction, oil and development - were well represented.
  • Faulty Practices at an Urban Housing Project

    Macon (Ga.) Telegraph and News unearths faulty construction and drainage practices at a Housing and Urban Development housing project and discovers the federal agency was lax in its procedures and violated building codes.
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    San Francisco Bay Guardian examines the city's building boom and details the effects of unrestrained construction of corporate skyscrapers on San Francisco and the potential economic and aesthetic costs.
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    Evening Tribune (San Diego) reports that four Navy ships were sabotaged in a way that could expose sailors to radiation; the ships were under construction by National Steel and shipbuilding Co.; motives for sabotage were unclear.
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    Hartford Courant articles use government reports and contractors' logs to show Hartford building collapse that killed 28 workers could have been avoided; problems in construction method foretold disaster.
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    Charleston Gazette series explores causes of high hospital rates in that state and finds excessive hospital construction, rivalry among hospitals and luxuries for hospital executives.