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  • In Secret Unit's Black Room; A Grim Portrait of U.S. Abuse

    On the outskirts of Baghdad Iraqi prisoners were found to have been abused by the U.S. Special Operations forces. The prisoners were yelled at, spit on, struck with rifle butts, and were used in practice for shooting paintball guns.
  • The New Business of Terror

    The investigation reveals a transformation underway among terrorist groups worldwide - their growing reliance on organized crime for funding.
  • EPA pumps up its record

    The Sacramento Bee found that under the Bush administration, the Environmental Protection Agency "has overstated its success in fighting polluters by lumping counterterrorism and narcotics cases led by other agencies into its environmental enforcement record." Among the findings of the Bee: the EPA "puffed up the number of criminal investigations it initiated," "overreported the number of cases it referred to federal prosecutors," and "padded the length of prison terms served for environmental crimes." Extensive use of documents and specific numbers are cited to back up the Bee's claims. Questionaire on how the Bee got the story is included.
  • Still Seeing Red

    The CIA now runs a counterterrorism center to stymie the proliferation of weapons of mass destruction. In the name of fighting drugs, the agency financed new military intelligence networks in Colombia in 1991. However, these networks have incorporated illegal paramilitary groups into their ranks and fostered death squads. It may be more interested in fighting a leftist resistance movement than in combating drugs.