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  • Silent Majority/Mayoria Silenciosa

    A first-of-its-kind analysis found deep patterns of under-representation of the fast growing Hispanic population on city councils and county commissioners courts across Texas.
  • Government Behind Closed Doors

    The most powerful local government body in rural, mountainous western North Carolina is the county commission. And once that body enters into closed session -- that is, removes itself from the public eye to discuss vital issues affecting thousands of people and hundreds of thousands of dollars in public funds -- residents are essentially cut out of decision making, or, in some cases, even knowing what decisions are being made at all. This Carolina Public Press investigative series removed the secrecy to bring the public back into the process, in an investigation that ultimately prompted the release of meeting details and, in some cases, the first-time development of local policies regarding closed county commission sessions.
  • The Fall Of John Wiley Price - His Corruption Runs Further Than Dallas County

    Commissioner John Wiley Price has been a political figure head in Dallas County for more than 20 years. He is the pride of the African American community. He is often the loudest member of the Dallas County Commissioners Court. And he never backs down. But for the first time in his political career, John Wiley Price, JWP as some like to call him, is quiet. A federal indictment with allegations of bribery and corruption will do that to you. When news broke of JWP's indictment, the CBS 11 I-Team jumped in. Within hours of the news breaking, KTVT was live with detailed information about the businesses and individuals who were allegedly involved in the bribery schemes. They were the first to reveal these names and other local newspapers and TV stations didn't do anything similar for days. In the months to come, KTVT turned several stories about how far this corruption ran and the other entities, outside Dallas County, it affected.
  • Langford Connection to Bessemer Courthouse Lease

    County embroiled in controversy of courthouse lease. Investigation finds Mayor that was convicted in federal case built the building and created the controversial lease when he was a county commissioner.
  • Wayne County Confidential: Government Run Amok

    This investigation exposed a secret $200,000 severance paid out to a government employee while others endured a 20% pay cut. WXYZ found that the severance was never disclosed to county commissioners, who are supposed to approve all payments of $50,000. The reporting caused the county to cancel 16 other severance payments for voluntary resignations, including one for up to $350,000.
  • "Full Disclousure"

    In this investigation, ABC Action News revealed a political scandal the included a county commissioner and candidate for the state senate. Commissioner Jim Norman failed to disclose several personal properties, including two boats and a lake front vacation home. As a result of the investigation, Norman was removed from the state senate race.
  • The Email Trial

    After requesting records from the Harris County Sheriff's Office to investigate possible corruption of the local County Commissioner, over 750,000 emails were deleted.
  • Birmingham Mayor's Business Deals Snare Friend in Corruption Case

    Mayor Larry Langford of Birmingham held ties to raising money for charities and businesses by tapping city vendors and local governments that he served. His friend John Katapodis was later charged in his role with one of the charities.
  • Off to Work We Go?

    KTRK-TV investigated the "work habits and use of campaign contributions by one of the state's most powerful public officials, Harris County Commissioner Jerry Eversole." They uncovered evidence that Eversole was "rarely working, and misusing campaign funds for personal use."
  • Palm Beach County's Culture of Corruption

    "Dubocq uncovered a series of complicated real estate transactions that secretly benefited two Palm Beach County commissioners. The commissioners voted on matters that enhanced the deals without disclosing their private interests." The reporters filed more than four dozen state FOIA requests to tell this story.