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  • "Deaths at the State Hospital"

    This ongoing investigation reveals major misconduct by the Colorado Mental Health Institute in Pueblo, the largest public psychiatric hospital in the state. The investigative team exposed and detailed the deaths of four patients that resulted from the "mistakes, lack of training, incompetence and possible criminal neglect" carried out by hospital employees. The series also reveals the attempt of state human services officials to cover up the mistakes.
  • "Derailed - A Star Tribune Speical Report"

    The Star Tribune and ProPublica revealed that the nation's "second-largest railroad company," Burlington Northern Santa Fe Railway (BNSF), has gone to great lengths to cover up its legal mishaps and wrongdoings. In addition to losing evidence, the company and its lawyers worked to gain "unfair advantage "over opponents in "more than 20 court cases."
  • Hospital Group

    New York's 11 municipal hospitals are ridden with false records created by staff to cover up medical mistakes. In one instance, after gangrene was left untreated on a stroke victim, it became necessary to amputate his leg, yet no report was written. Hundreds of citations and complaints have been filed against the city hospitals, but few disciplinary measures have intervened.
  • VA's Cover Up Exposed

    A four part series that highlights how the Department of Veterans Affairs purposely tried to conceal the suicide rate of military veterans. Government emails help expose the widespread problem.
  • Right By Miles

    This story looked back to a traffic accident six years ago (2002) in which a car driven by a teenager ran off a back country road in the middle of the night and his passenger, a 16-year-old named Miles White, was killed. The polk County Shriff's Office investigated, ruled it a single car accident and charged the 19-year-old driver with DUI-manslaughter. The Times was able to show that the sheriff's office had engaged in a cover-up. It was not a single-car crash; it was caused by a Polk County sheriff's deputy, who, as it turned out, was a sexual predator who like teenage boys. He chased the boys that night, hit their rear bumper and ran them off the road. The Times showed that before the accident, the sheriff's office had been warned that they had a deputy who was using his undercover vehicle to stalk teenage boys. They had not heeded that warning and left him on the road. If he then caused an accident that killed a boy, the department would have been on the hook for multimillion dollar damages in a wrongful death lawsuit. The office chose instead to cover up the truth.
  • A Political Crime Spree

    Reporters worked for years to expose the corruption within the administration of Gov. Rod Blagojevich, who rode into office on promises of reform and transparency. Tribune stories unraveled the complex inner workings of the governor and his closest advisers, showing how they rewarded friends and political contributors with state work, how people who did business with the governor's wife got benefits from state government and how politics infiltrated law enforcement and regulatory agencies. These stories helped lay the foundation for a massive federal investigation that eventually led to the governor's arrest.
  • Kwame Kilpatrick: A Mayor in Crisis

    The Free Press's investigation into Detroit Mayor Kwame Kilpatrick exposed "public corruption at the highest levels of government in America's 11th largest city. Schaefer and Elrick's reporting revealed that Kilpatrick and his top aide lied under oath during a police whistle-blower trial and sought to cover up those lies by brokering a secret $8.4 million settlement paid for with the taxpayers dollars."
  • Failure to Report

    After a 10-month long FOIA battle, Smith reveals internal-affairs reports about the suicides of two inmates who were mentally ill in the D.C. jail. The reports showed "an attempted cover-up and widespread misconduct by D.C. jail officials and a medical services contractor."
  • Police Beatings Caught on Tape: the Pictures that Chaged the Chicago Police Department

    FOX News Chicago discovered footage of an off duty officer beating a female bartender. They then "investigated the circumstances of the beating, the apparent lack of an appropriate police department response both at the time and during the investigation of the officer, and how other city employees may have tried to cover up the incident."
  • The Bishop's Bad Moves

    These stories include online and print coverage of the sex abuse scandal in the Catholic Diocese of Orange County, California. "Major findings include the diocese paid an admitted child molester $100,000 to stay quiet, that the bishop tried to cover up a molestation allegation in his past, and that he also documented molestations but didn't report them as required by California law."