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  • Fort Worth Star-Telegram: Spirit of Fear

    An eight-month investigation uncovered a pattern of sexual abuse, coverups and lack of accountability that involved more than 400 sexual misconduct allegations at nearly 200 independent fundamental Baptist churches and affiliated organizations across the country.
  • Yarnell Hill Fire Investigation

    Investigative reporting by John Dougherty in Phoenix New Times demonstrated that multiple errors by the state of Arizona and the city of Prescott contributed to the deaths of 19 wild-lands firefighters in last summer's Yarnell Hill blaze. The revelations published in the Yarnell Hill fire articles came from information obtained through public-records requests and from well-placed sources. The original story discovered that a multitude of mistakes were made by state and local officials in fighting the fire, errors that contributed to the deaths of the 19 forest firemen at Yarnell Hill. The second story came after Prescott's wild-lands chief, in charge of the Granite Mountain Hotshots, alleged multiple misstatements of fact in the first story. This resulted in the correction of three errors, though no major finding of the original piece was proved wrong. (It should be noted that officials refused specific comment repeatedly before the original story was published, only coming forward later in an effort to dispute New Times' reporting.) The third story showed how a Forestry Division-commissioned report on the tragedy – which found that no official did anything wrong – was seriously flawed. Indeed, experts termed it a “coverup.” The fourth article examined an occupational-safety report supporting the paper's findings regarding state ineptitude at Yarnell Hill. The Forestry Division was fined more than $500,000 because of its flawed management of the fire, and lawsuits against the Forestry Division and Prescott's are in the works by families of the slain firefighters.
  • An Un-American Tragedy

    Pat Tillman was a former college football star and NFL player who enlisted in the Army and became an Army Ranger after the events of September 11, 2001. His death in 2004 in Afghanistan was presented by the military as a heroic act, but as more details emerged, it became clear that he died not from the enemy's bullets, but rather was a victim of friendly fire. investigated, interviewing some of the soldiers who witnessed the chaos which led to Tillman's death, and examining whether or not the Army artificially inflated Tillman's battlefield deeds in order to present him as a hero.
  • America's Interrogation of Terrorists

    TIME Magazine's investigation into American interrogation techniques used when questioning Abu Ghraib prisoners reveals massive coverups and mistreatment of terrorist suspects. This series also sheds light on the death of a CIA prisoner whose body was kept on ice for 24 hours to disguise his true cause of death.
  • Don't drink the water

    An investigation of the Pompano Beach city water department turned up several problems at a new $25 million water treatment plant, the coverup of a chlorine outage factoring in prominently. The reporter also showed that officials held a sham grand opening of the plant - tricking the public into thinking the plant was up and running months before it was actually ready.
  • A Glimpse of Hell: The Explosion on the USS Iowa and Its Coverup

    Charles C. Thompson II, a former television producer, reports about the Navy investigation of the onboard explosion that killed 47 men on the USS Iowa April 19, 1989. He finds that "a conspiracy existed at the highest levels of the Navy to find (gunner's mate Clayton) Hartwig guilty in order to deflect blame from senior commanders who allowed such deplorable conditions to exist on a man-of-war."
  • Crimes of Punishment

    The ongoing series of stories, focuses on the abuse and unjustified shootings of inmates by prison guards, broke ground far beyond previous reporting on the garpantuan corrections system. The series, which also exposed negligence, coverups and shortsighted policymaking, forced the state's top officials to make unprecedented reforms.
  • (Untitled)

    RE Media investigates allegations of fraud against State Farm Insurance Companies and the inhability and unwillingness of government to conduct investigations into those allegations, even though government itself is among the accusers. (July 17, 1995)
  • Fertility fraud

    The Orange County Register uncovered allegations that fertility doctors at one of the nation's leading university research hospitals were stealing eggs from dozens of patients, fertilizing them and implanting the embryos into other unwitting patients resulting in live births. The Register also found attempts at a coverup by the University of California that ranged from physical intimidation of employees to the payment of nearly $1 million in hush money.
  • (Untitled)

    The 1992 siege of Randy Weaver and his family at Ruby Ridge was a law enforcement debacle that led to a coverup with the top ranks of the FBI; the coverup became public in July 1995 and is still under Justice Department investigation. The series debunked official government accounts of the siege, from the claims of Federal marshals about who fired the first shot to the questionable rationale of the FBI sniper who killed Vicki Weaver. (Sept. 3, 4, 5, 1995)