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  • ABC10: GSK

    I created a StoryMap of all the Golden State Killer's alleged crimes using both existing maps/data from the FBI and the Sacramento County District Attorney's Office, as well as locations from a local author chronicling the Golden State Killer. Moreover, I edited/produced the TV piece explaining the map.
  • Hostage plotted, stayed calm during wild ride

    A farmer was taken hostage by a convicted felon at the end of a two-day, multi-county crime spree that drew headlines across the state. Law enforcement officials kept the lid on the whereabouts of the farmer and his story and that frustrated media from the area that was looking for him. I found him in a day with conventional and unconventional investigative techniques and produced a Sunday feature that appeared five days after the farmer was taken hostage.
  • "Big Pharma's Crime Spree"

    David Evans investigates the criminal activity of some of the world's largest pharmaceutical companies. Drug companies are fined billions of dollars for illegally marketing their products, yet continue to do it. Evans asks why.
  • A Political Crime Spree

    Reporters worked for years to expose the corruption within the administration of Gov. Rod Blagojevich, who rode into office on promises of reform and transparency. Tribune stories unraveled the complex inner workings of the governor and his closest advisers, showing how they rewarded friends and political contributors with state work, how people who did business with the governor's wife got benefits from state government and how politics infiltrated law enforcement and regulatory agencies. These stories helped lay the foundation for a massive federal investigation that eventually led to the governor's arrest.
  • Harvest of Women: Safari in Mexico

    "Investigation into the disappearances and deaths of girls and women in the border city of Juarez, Mexico, which were documented from 1993-2005. The investigation sought to identify those responsible for the crime spree that attracted international attention. Te book reveals the corruption that made it possible for the crimes to continue with impunity."
  • Someone Has To Die Tonight

    The Lords of Chaos, a group of teenage boys on Ft. Myers, FL, went on a crime spree that ended with the murder of a high school band director. Their crimes included theft, vandalism and blowing up a Coca-Cola building. They even planned, but never had a chance to commit, a racially-motivated mass murder at Walt Disney World. As author Jim Greenhill conducted interviews and got to know the group's ringleader on Death Row, the ringleader and his mother asked the author to arrange the murders of three witnesses. Greenhill delves into how these young boys went so horribly bad.
  • The Lost Boys

    "This article focuses on crime reporting in unconventional settings. This presents the bizarre crime spree that plagued administrators into providing special privileges and sensitive information about staff at a prison complex."
  • Can't buy a thrill

    The Westword investigates the circumstances surrounding a bizarre nine-month crime spree in Aspen, Colorado. The crime spree involved a fairly large group of high school seniors and recent high school graduates who went around town robbing liquour stores and groceries of thousands of dollars. Prendergast attempts to find out why these boys -- many of whom came from upstanding families in the communty -- would turn to a life of crime. He finds that many of the teenagers committed these crimes because they were unsupervised.
  • Dangerous Hobos

    ABC News 20/20 reports that "a criminal group of train-riding hobos is carrying out a crime spree across the country. A number of mysterious deaths near railroad tracks are suspected to be the work of this shadowy group...."
  • Police Informant

    WCBS-TV (New York) paints sinister picture of one police informant who went on a crime spree while a pseudo-employee of the New York Police Department, January 1983.