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  • A Perfect Storm

    Findings from a Channel 4 I-Team investigation that stretched over a two-year period into Tennessee prisons and the department of correction resulted in 2015 in four legislative hearings, an independent audit, proof that lawmakers received faulty information in testimony, calls for the resignation of the commissioner and forced the department to re-define how it classified assaults.
  • Who's Hispanic?

    A lack of precise definition of the word "hispanic" has caused confusion and some ruffles in the past. The National Journal chronicles the various definitions and approaches to "hispanic" and reasons as to why Alberto Gonzales might be Bush's favorite candidate for the Supreme Court, after all. The author explains in detail why the Portuguese and the Haitians have still not been included under the now-famous umbrella of "hispanics".
  • "Operation Enduring Liberty"; "The Cops Are Watching You"; "The Big Chill"; "Vigilante Justice"; "Homeland Security X 50"; "Foreign? Suspicious!"; "D.C.'s Virtual Panopticon"

    Series of articles in an issue of The Nation following various aspects of the "war on terror." Dreyfuss details the makeup of Maryland's Joint Terrorism Task Force and local police ties with the FBI field office. Cooper talks to Arabs in California who are seeing their organizations' numbers decline. Bach discusses citizens' groups that are encouraged to act as watchdogs on their neighbors, giving the example of a high school student with an expired visa who was turned in to authorities by his guidance counselor. Pell examines state laws and proposed laws creating new definitions of and punishments for "terrorism." Evans raises the issue of drivers' licenses and documentation of aliens. Parenti follows the installation of closed circuit television (CCTV) in Washington, D.C., and other cities. Several articles touch on the classification of protest groups in America as "terrorists."
  • The Dropout Dilemma

    States, school districts and federal researchers may all use different methods and definitions to tally up how many students have dropped out of high school and the results can vary enormously--which is why high school dropout numbers can be notoriously unreliable.
  • (Untitled)

    Conquest (a monthly newsletter for the handicapped) looks at companies that advertise they employ the handicapped exclusively; questions their emphasis on hardship in their sales pitches, whether the companies could survive without the handicap pitch and their definitions of handicapped, October 1983.