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  • Insurance industry accused of 'redlining'

    The Austin-American Statesman conducts a computer-assisted analysis of auto insurance records in the Texas; combined with census data, the analysis showed that people in predominanatly minority and low-income zip codes were far more likely to pay the highest insurance rates.
  • (Untitled)

    American Demographics analyzes the way schools and businesses predict how many children will be living in an area using birth rates and migration patterns, January 1994.
  • (Untitled)

    American Demographics analyzes the rise of "edge cities," or areas on the outskirts of large cities which have grown into cities themselves; includes a description of edge city demographics and an outlook for the future.
  • (Untitled)

    Wall Street Journal examines the 1990 census; looks at the process, the expected results and how to use the data, March 9, 1990.
  • (Untitled)

    Columbia Missourian runs a five-part series on public housing in the Columbia area; looks at its negative image, violence, poverty and vandalism; also looks at the Columbia Housing Authority's financial problems and the demographics of the area compared to areas in the city, May 11-15, 1986.
  • Changes in the American Electorate

    Los Angeles Times describes changes in nature, makeup and distribution of American electorate that is altering the nature of politics and the outcome of elections.