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  • Toothless: Washington's Lax Dental Oversight

    The series revealed that the Washington dental board has been slow to act and has cut generous deals with some of the state's most complained-about dentists. The investigation revealed that dentists had been allowed to continue working in Washington after they lost their licences in other states, have been caught running dangerously unsanitary clinics, or have repeatedly injured patients.
  • Desperate Appointment

    Using undercover surveillance, KNXV reporters exposed Mexican dentists who crossed the border to perform illegal weekend procedures on illegal immigrants. The cash-only operation, which usually took place in the back of homes and in abandoned trailers, operated under the state dental board's radar. In some instances, patients risk serious infection at the hands of unlicensed dentists. As a result of the investigation, two of the dentist practices were shut down and KNXV was able to open up phone lines to "help people who needed dental care from licensed clinics."
  • Dental Woes

    Tipped off by a series of complaints against Family Dental Care Associates, WCPO TV investigate further to bring out some starking revelations. The investigation reveals, apart from fraudulent billing practices, the low standards of cleanliness and hygiene maintained by FDCA. Parts of the investigation also focused on a state investigation by the Attorney General's office and relationships between the dental board's investigator and FDCA's cheif dentist, Dr. J Michael Fuchs.
  • A Practice of Betrayal

    WLWT-TV finds that "state dental boards across the country are designed to discipline dentists and alert consumers. But the power of these boards varies greatly from state to state. Some don't have emergency suspension powers. Others have a shortage of funds. The result is that many dentists, some of whom are accused of sexually assaulting patients, are continuing to work for years before a hearing is held."