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    Los Angeles Times discovers developer Bill Walters, Neil Bush's former business partner, living in the lap of luxury; Walters had testified before Congress that he was broke after defaulting on nearly $100 million from Silverado Savings and Loan and had hid millions of dollars in assets by placing them under the name of his wife, July 18 - Nov. 29, 1990.
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    Charlotte Observer investigates developer and philanthropist Steve Walsh; finds he diverted mortgage money, used corporate money to pay personal bills, courted local politicians and made illegal corporate contributions to Sen. Jesse Helms, Aug. 19 - 21, 1990.
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    Bond Buyer focuses on a Kansas City, Mo., real estate developer who acquired 21 nursing homes with $80 million in tax-exempt bonds; his business tactics caused a default and the entire operation collapsed, Jan. 10 - Aug. 23, 1990.
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    Detroit News compiles computer data on 2,000 corporations, 35,000 licensed builders and real estate agents, subdivisions, developments, campaign contributions, government aid to developers and bonded indebtedness of school districts and communities to determine that public officials have hidden interests in real estate and use their official positions to benefit; also reveals conflict of interests by S&L officials, Oct. 21 - 26, 1990.
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    Dallas Morning News finds community development block grant funds have landed in the pockets of bureaucrats and developers and have done little to help the poor; includes graphics of how funds were disbursed, March - May 1990.
  • The Trump Shuffle

    Newsday (Long Island, N.Y.) examines developer and self-promoter Donald Trump's finances.
  • The Changing Face of Sacramento

    Sacramento Bee looks at the evolution of the Sacramento area and the need for planning.
  • At the Crossroads

    Los Angeles Times examines the Southern California environment and the relationship between population and pollution, Dec. 10, 1989.
  • Malling the Northeast

    New York Times Magazine tracks Pyramid Companies, the largest shopping-mall developer in the Northeast, as it builds its way across New York and Massachusetts in spite of public and governmental opposition.
  • The Slums of our Future

    New Times (Phoenix) investigates two Arizona lawyers who lent their good names to multi-family developments around Phoenix that the city council blasts as "instant slums;" the developer is nowhere to be found, while Cardiff Construction Corp. went bankrupt and took several small businesses down with it.