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    L.A. Weekly examines the power struggle between developers, enviromentalists, and politicians over the transition of the Los Angeles River as railroad companies begin selling portions of its corridor and developers position themselves to exploit the opportunity; environmentalists are fighting to recover some of the natural beauty in a publicly protected urban green belt, Sept. 1 - 7, 1989.
  • 75 State St.

    WGBH-TV (Boston) reports the state senate president had a direct financial interest in a $500,000 checking account bankrolled by a real estate developer; although the official denies a connection, the report links him through a deposit slip and motor vehicle records, Jan. 20, 1989.
  • The Real Budget Mess

    San Francisco Bay Guardian finds that powerful developers had been able to keep assessments on downtown buildings low at the same time that those buildings were forcing up the costs of city services.
  • The Big Thirst

    El Paso (Texas) Herald-Post exposes the depletion of international and interstate water resources, bureaucratic mismanagement and political corruption affecting the water supplies of El Paso and Juarez (Mexico); reveals the El Paso Public Service Board is operated as a developer-dominated city utility.
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    Daily Mail investigates a hotel and convention center developer who asked local officials for help in obtaining a federal grant; reveals that none of the assets the developer claims to have can be confirmed, February - April 1988.
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    Boulder Daily Camera reveals that a hotel developer who planned to use taxpayer money to help finance a garage under the hotel was a business partner with a drug smuggler and racketeer, Nov. 27 - Dec. 26, 1988.
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    Intelligencer-Record (Doylestown, Pa.) looks at the failure of a planned development of 546 townhouses; details the difficulties faced by subcontractors and by residents who lived there before and after the developer ran into financial problems, Oct. 9, 1988.
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    Scottsdale (Ariz.) Progress finds developers are buying state land for well below market value and using a tax break intended for farmers to keep their county taxes extremely low; developers with close ties to Scottsdale city government manipulated placement of a golf course to bolster values of surrounding land, Nov. 14 - 17, 1988.
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    Daily Herald discovers the U.S. Army Corps of Engineers allowed developers to file permit requests after they already had destroyed wetlands in violation of the 1972 Clean Water Act, Feb. 28 - 30, 1988.
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    Chicago Sun-Times documents how the chairman of Lyons Federal Trust and Savings paid himself a large salary, supplemented his income with sweetheart deals with developers, and disregarded bank regulations; finds risky investments led to a collapse of the savings and loan, May 1 - 2, 1988.