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    The News (Snyder, Texas) investigaties Browning-Ferris Industries. The company disposed lethal doses of cyanide and nitrobenzene into sludge from settling pits and delivered the sludge as a road base and resurfacing material to developers and builders. Residents living near the roads say they are ill from the fumes.
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    Willamette Week (Portland) details a controversy between houseboat owners and some harbor developers who were planning riverfront condominiums; article also deals with state policy on moorages.
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    Napa (Calif.) Register investigation finds developers are buying property in Lake Beryessa and offering it for sale to foreign investors for four times the price they paid.
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    Wenatchee (Wash.) World tells about recreational land developers in north central Washington; describes layers of ownership alliances and power that make up a large recreational real estate empire; also discusses the legal and financial problems at one recreational place.
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    Call-Chronicle (Allentown, Pa.) does article on how developers take advantage of a state property tax provision intended to give farmers a tax break.
  • The real estate business in Washington

    Washingtonian prints a special report on the history of the real estate business in Washington, naming the players who made the big deals and got rich.
  • Colorado land developers Danny O'Keefe and Charles Baldwin

    Denver Post runs investigation of Colorado land developers Danny O'Keefe and Charles Baldwin.