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  • KOMO TV: Under the Bridge

    Our ongoing investigation “Under the Bridge” began with a tip about workers drinking on the job and ultimately uncovered a pattern of design flaws, construction mistakes and contract violations made in the building of the largest floating bridge in the world.
  • Court Officer Investigation

    A four month Inside Edition hidden camera investigation exposed a culture among New York State Court Officers where drinking on the job was a regular occurrence and appeared to be acceptable conduct as it went unchecked for many years.
  • Big Dig Drinking

    "The Big Dig/Central Artery project is the largest construction project in the country. The federally funded project will cost taxpayers an estimated 14 billion dollars. More than four thousand workers are building bridges and tunnels that millions of commuters will travel on. We watched as Big Dig workers left job sites, walked into bars, and drank at lunch. Many of the construction workers didn't have anything to eat, and then went back to work and operated heavy equipment. We wondered about the quality of work being done if some of these people were 'working under the influence'. Some workers walked right past the Big Dig's main office to get to the bars. If we could see what was happening, why couldn't state officials? After our story aired, the Big Dig launched its own investigation and two workers were fired."
  • Vet abuse

    WBNS conducts an investigation into allegations against an Ohio veterinarian. Charges included beating and stealing animals and drinking on the job. Even more outrageous than the allegations themselves is that the state vet board had taken no action against the doctor.