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  • The Drug War

    In trying to answer the question, "How effective is the Drug War," the National Journal reports on the drug war's history and societyal effects. Special sections are devoted to users, prevention, interdiction, treatment and punishmet as the Journal examines this complex issue.
  • (Untitled)

    Miami Herald runs a series of articles on the federal drug interdiction effort in South Florida; series includes secret efforts to indict the Castro regime for drug smuggling, 'losing' huge shipments of cocaine and the use of a known liar and murderer to set up its own agents, April - December 1993.
  • What Happened to the Drug War?

    WGBH-TV FRONTLINE (Boston, Mass.) reveals the failings in the $2 billion federal drug interdiction program to stop the flow of cocaine over the Southwest border; findings include that aerostat rader balloons, marine radar systems and border checkpoints are flawed and vulnerable, Feb. 2, 1993.
  • (Untitled)

    Columbus Dispatch uncovers the questionable practice by police of using informants in their drug interdiction; informants include individuals accused of murder and drug trafficking; finds fabrication of evidence and questionable use of city funds, 1990.