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  • The Great Spam Slam

    In Nov. 2007, ran a series of stories and blog posts Mr. Krebs wrote about the Russian Business network (RBN) led to the company being effectively cut off from the Web. He pursuer a similar strategy in July 2008, when investigating the Silicon Valley-based hosting provider McColo. At the time, Krebs was chronicling the cyber crime activity of Atrivo, another Northern California hosting company. Due to Krebs' reporting, Atrivo's hosting companies cut off connectivity to it, effectively knocking Atrivo offline.
  • Protect Yourself Online

    Package of stories: "Protect Yourself Online", "7 Online Blunders", "ID Leaks", and "Security Software." These stories investigate the current state of Internet safety, including its impact on the public, as well as highlighting the newest threats and what is being done to fight them. The package of articles found that American consumers lose about $8.5 billion to e-mail scams, that such scams remain a serious threat, and analyzed recent ID breaches.