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  • Bogus Ballots

    Our investigation uncovered what one legal expert deemed “systematized voter deception” at play during the October 3, 2019 Memphis municipal elections. Within seventeen days, we brought to light a half-million dollar citywide disinformation campaign, in which more than a dozen campaigns, including the mayor’s, were involved in a pay-to-play scheme that put Republicans and Democrats alike on a widely distributed flyer posing as the local Democratic Party’s list of endorsements.
  • Simon & Schuster: A Deal with the Devil

    A Deal with the Devil chronicles the journey of two investigative journalists as they search for answers about one of the longest-running mail frauds in history. The scam centers around a mysterious psychic named Maria Duval, whose name and face have become infamous to sick and elderly victims all around the world, who have sent in millions of dollars in response to bogus promises made by letters allegedly signed by Duval. Global investigators have spent decades trying to stop the fraud, but when those efforts failed and they couldn’t determine who this woman was -- or if she was even real – authors Blake Ellis and Melanie Hicken made it their mission to get to the bottom of this notorious scam once and for all. Their hunt takes readers on twists and turns as they discover key orchestrators of the fraud hiding away in places like Monaco and Thailand, and as they get farther than any law enforcement has -- even traveling to France in an attempt to confront the psychic herself. Investigative reporter Bethany McLean called the book “a personal how-to guide for investigative journalists, a twisted tale of a scam of huge proportions and a really good read.” NYU Journalism Professor Adam Penenberg, who famously exposed journalist fraudster Stephen Glass, said, “Journalists Ellis and Hicken out-sleuthed professional law enforcement in unraveling the mystery of a $200 million global scam. What they have wrought would have made a gripping novel. The fact that every word is true is what makes this book downright shocking.” Other endorsements came from NBC business anchor Ali Velshi and crime fiction writer Megan Abbott.
  • The Big Business of Breast Cancer

    For the past 20 years, breast cancer has been the NFL of diseases, awash in money, marketing campaigns and endorsements deals. Each year, $6 billion is raised in the name of breast cancer, yet we are still no closer to a cure now than we were. Why is that? "The Big Business of Breast Cancer" is a powerful piece that exposes an uncomfortable truth about breast cancer fundraising; it's become a massive racket, overrun by scammers and profiteers.
  • Juice vs Justice

    According to the Los Angeles Times, Las Vegas Justices rule on matters in cases where they have received donations from lawyers or defendants, without disclosing their financial interests or relationships, and without withdrawing when a conflict of interest exists. The Los Angeles Times reports "A common perception among a dozen out-of-state lawyers interviewed about their experiences in Nevada courtrooms is that justice in Las Vegas is just another form of legalized gambling." The Times reported this series because more than a quarter of all visits to Las VEgas are made by Southern Californians, and over a third of alll business relocating to Nevada come from California.
  • Miami City Government Investigation

    Miami New Times investigates Miami City Manager, Cesar Odio, and Miami City government. The series looks into Odio's lack of college education, endorsements of Nicaraguan presidential candidates, and spending of taxpayers' money. (Dec. 14, 1995 - Oct. 10, 1996)
  • (Untitled)

    Village Voice (New York) recounts the brutal rape and murder of a young woman by one of the top three skate board professionals in the world; describes the lavish Southern California lifestyle he led as a result of his skating, celebrity status, modeling career and endorsements; tells how the young man has converted to Christianity and now is blaming childhood sexual abuse, drugs, alcohol, the victim herself, and apparently everyone but himself for the crime, Dec. 8, 1992.