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  • Power Brokers

    A transition to a competitive energy market was supposed to lower energy prices for residents of the Balkan nations. Instead, "many people across the Balkans are facing energy shortages AND higher energy bills." Much of the infrastructure remains outdated, "and some state-run energy companies have been plagued by waste and corruption." Meanwhile, private energy companies are benefiting greatly from deals with government energy companies.
  • Series of Stories on U.S. Energy Policy

    These stories from Time magazine look at an energy crisis that the U.S. is likely to face. The story reveals that for three decades, the government has not adopted or stuck to any significant energy policy. Subsequent government policies have in fact been marked by sharp reversals of the previous ones.
  • Snake Oil For Fossil Fools

    The Sierra Magazine finds that "George Bush and his oil allies are trying to exploit California's energy shortage to drill the Arctic, subsidize oil companies, and allow more air pollution." The story reports on some tips to save on energy bills, and points out the various opportunities to use the supply of renewable energy from the sun and the wind.