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  • Insight with John Ferrugia: Protecting the Vulnerable

    The Rocky Mountain PBS investigation, Protecting the Vulnerable, brought various cases of abuse, neglect, and mistreatment of intellectually disabled adults to the attention of state and local officials as well as community advocates, prompting them to improve the safety of Colorado’s host home system by reviewing and enhancing state regulations and working to develop new legislation.
  • The Dark Side: Secrets of the Sports Dopers

    This is the first undercover investigation into the world of performance enhancing drugs in American sports. In order to shed light on this otherwise opaque world, Al Jazeera hired a professional athlete to infiltrate a network of doctors, pharmacists and others who are complicit in helping athletes cheat the system. They shared with Al Jazeera their techniques for beating the tests and finding sources for designer drugs. They also provided the names of elite athletes that they worked with. The investigation has shifted the national conversation about illicit drug use in the NFL and will spur numerous inquiries into the allegations levied in the film. The fallout will likely continue for months, perhaps years, as criminal investigations build on the research gathered in this project.
  • The Fall of Lance Armstrong

    This groundbreaking investigative report culminated our extensive reporting into how American cyclist Lance Armstrong used performance enhancing drugs to win the Tour de France seven times.
  • 60 Minutes: Armstrong

    "This story uncovers new evidence about accusations that have long haunted cyclist Lance Armstrong: that he was using performance enhancing drugs when he won the Tour de France. What was found was new information surrounding a federal grand jury that is now investigating whether Armstrong led a systematic doping program when he was captain of the U.S. team."
  • Juiced in the Valley

    "Juiced in the Valley is a series of reports exposing the illegal prescribing of anabolic steroids by a group of doctors at Revolution Medical Centers in Phoenix, Arizona."
  • No one is watching

    "The articles investigated how schools in Division I-A college athletics test for drugs and the results of the testing. The Tribune found most schools do not test for performance-enhancing drugs and there are disparities in testing and punishments from school to school."
  • Performance Enhancing Drugs in the NFL

    NFL players were taking humam growth hormone as a performance-enhancing drug because there was no reliable urine test for the drug. Then the HGH was mixed with low levels of steroids that would avoid detection.
  • Fleet But Fatally Fragile

    After witnessing a horse pull up lame while at the racetrack, reporter John Tedesco overheard a security guard noting that the horse would likely be "put down." Spurred by this, Tedesco researched how often racehorses suffer this tragic fate, and discovered more than just statistics. The story details how "performance-enhancing medications, both legal and illegal, are routinely administered to the majestic animals."
  • Ongoing Steroid Coverage

    The year long investigation focused on the use of performance-enhancing drugs in sports, particularly in baseball.
  • Steroids and the NFL

    This investigation exposed steroid and human growth hormone abuse by several professional football players who received prescriptions from a doctor who was subsequently indicted for prescribing them. The NFL drug testing program failed to detect the players' steroid use. This failure exposed loopholes in the NFL's substance abuse policies.