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    WXYZ-TV (Southfield, Mich.) reveals that thousands of tons of Canadian trash was being shipped across the U.S./Canadian border and dumped in Michigan landfills; it is cheaper for the Canadians to drive their trash 200 miles than it is to dump in their own landfills; the trash is not inspected to see if hazardous waste is included, Nov. 10 - 12, 1992.
  • Mad Hatter Utilities

    WTSP-TV (St. Petersburg, Fla.) finds that a utility company has been polluting the environment and creating a health hazard by dumping raw sewage; state and county officials knew of the utility's illegal dumping but did not act, Oct. 6, 1991.

    KTUL-TV (Tulsa, Okla.) investigates a uranium-processing plant in eastern Oklahoma and finds that the plant's employees are needlessly at risk of contamination; finds that the company lied to federal regulators; company disposes of its waste by calling it "fertilizer" and spraying it on nearby land, April 24 - 26, 1991.
  • Salting the Colorado

    KTBC-TV (Austin, Texas) examines the rising salt levels found in the Colorado River, believed to be caused by improperly plugged oil and gas wells in West Texas; water can reach salinity levels several times greater than that of seawater, causing great environmental and ecological harm; state is not capping the wells, Oct. 1 - 5, 1990.
  • Hazardous Waste

    Center for Investigative Reporting (San Francisco) investigates the legal practice of shipping hazardous waste out of developed countries into developing countries, which have their land, air and water polluted by the waste; attempts to tighten regulations have been stopped by economic interests in the United States and other developed countries, Oct. 2, 1990.

    ABC PrimeTime Live shows how Disneyworld is endangering wildlife, degrading the environment, sapping money the county needs for low-cost housing and harming surrounding communities, May 10, 1990.
  • Anatomy of an Oil Spill

    Frontline/WGBH-TV (Boston) documents long history of negligence by government agencies and oil companies that led to the Exxon Valdez oil spill in Prince William Sound on March 24, 1989; environmental promises were broken after the Alaska pipeline, installed in 1973, slowly fell apart, March 20, 1990.
  • Pollution for Profit

    ABC News 20/20 utilizes expert help to investigate a Louisiana business man claiming to trun toxic wastes into harmless landfill; found the "aggregate" to be less than safe, Aug. 4, 1989.
  • Cloud Over Texas City

    ABC News 20/20 reports on a leak of hydrogen fluoride at a Texas oil refinery; the company tried to play down the incident while hundreds of people suffered from breathing and nervous disorders, Sept. 15, 1989.

    KPTV (Portland, Ore.) reports on a soon-to-close Army base with toxic and explosive chemicals buried unsafely; officials say the base may be hazardous for 30 years; uses material obtained under FOIA, July 15 - 18, 1989.