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    Orlando (Fla.) Sentinel investigates excessive force complaints against the Orlando Police Department and Orange County, Fla., Sheriff's Office and finds that of the 260 complaints, only nine cases resulted in the disciplining of an officer, and the discipline given in those cases was very light, June - November 1991.
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    The Press (Atlantic City, N.J.) series looks at the Atlantic City police department and the claims against it of excessive force; finds that few offending officers are punished, the Internal Affairs unit is devoted to covering up brutality, and the court system is unprepared to handle the situation, June 16 - 18, 1991.
  • Lawsuits Plague Easton Cops

    Express (Easton, Pa.) finds a small number of Easton police officers account for a majority of police brutality complaints; finds some of the officers were subject to similar complaints in previous police jobs; also finds officers are rarely disciplined for using excessive force.
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    Knoxville (Tenn.) Journal puts forth strong circumstantial evidence showing that a small cadre of Knoxville police officers regularly used excessive force; their names and actions were known but they were protected by colleagues and supervisors, July 1983.
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    Sacramento Bee details problems inside the county's maximum-security, pre-trial jail; finds it is overcrowded, and under-trained deputies use excessive force on inmates, Nov. 10-11, 1985.
  • Deadly Force

    Newsday (Long Island, N.Y.) investigates excessive force by New York police officers and uncovers a trend of off-duty shootings; more than one-fourth of police killings were incidents in which off-duty police officers used their weapons in personal arguments, while drinking or in traffic disputes.
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    Honolulu Advertiser publishes series on a privately-contracted airport security service that hired guards with felony records, planned to use excessive force in riot situations and monopolized contract bidding for services with the state.