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  • Direkt36: Russian arms dealers

    Two Russian arms dealers operating in Hungary, Vladimir Lyubishin Sr. and Jr., were apprehended as a result of a U.S. DEA sting operation in late 2016. The Lyubishins wanted to supply a Mexican drug cartel with weapons to protect shipments of cocaine against US authorities and rival gangs. In reality, the Russians were negotiating with paid DEA informants. After the arrests, however, the Lyubishins managed to escape US justice thanks to Hungary’s Kremlin-friendly government as Hungary denied Washington’s request for extradition and sent the two arms dealers to Moscow instead. The operation as well as the extradition scandal was kept secret and was first revealed by my story.
  • Canada's role in innocent man's imprisonment

    This investigative report on the extradition of Hassan Diab to France revealed for the first time the secret efforts Canadian officials went to in order to send an innocent man to a French prison. Diab would spend more than 3 years in near-solitary confinement while he was investigated for a bombing outside a Paris synagogue. Canada went to great lengths to extradite Diab despite warnings that the French case was extremely weak. The French case ultimately fell apart due to flimsy evidence.
  • Fugitives from Justice

    Growing numbers of criminal suspects flee the U.S. each year to evade trial for murder, rape and other serious felonies. The investigation penetrated the government secrecy that shrouds America's interntaional fugitive extradition programs, giving a voice to forgotten victims.
  • Getting Away with Murder

    An investigation by KPHO-TV revealed that "Mexican Nationals who live in Arizona are fleeing justice and crossing the border." Suspects in nearly 100 Arizona murders over the past five years have fled to Mexico to avoid arrest. KPHO-TV learned that many of the suspects are just miles across the border.
  • Legault

    CBC News investigates the case of Alex Legault, an American fugitive living in Montreal. Wanted for fraud in Florida, Texas and Louisiana, Legault has fought extradition for 18 years. Legault's companies are also under investigation for fraud.
  • A Journey for Justice

    ABC News 20/20 reports that "Thousands of men, wanted for murder, flee the U.S. every year leaving behind the grieving families of their victims and a justice system unable to complete a process fundamental to our government. In the past few years, El Salvador has become a haven to such fugitives. .... ABC News 20/20 pursue(d) these ruthless fugitives to their hiding places to confront them...."
  • (Untitled)

    Miami loved Henry Gherman. He made himself into a millionaire and helped make his friends rich. He helped poor kids in the inner city. So what is he doing in a prison cell, serving a 30 - year sentence? Tropic examines this story of conspicuous consumption. (March 31, 1996)
  • Sicilian Mafia

    ABC News discovers the Sicilian Mafia using Caracas, Venezuela, as a safe-haven and a base of operations for its worldwide heroin network; finds the Cuntrera-Caruana mafia family enjoys protection from Venezuelan officials, who have ignored arrest warrants and extradition requests from Italy and the United States, April 26, 1990.
  • Governors' extradition decisions vary radically

    Wall Street Journal shows governors' extradition decisions vary radically; there is indication that politics enters into some decisions.