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    APF Reporter looks at Head Start programs for children of families of migrant workers. The Head Start programs are for families in which both parents work during the regular school season. The story also looks at educational opportunities for migrant farmworkers' children.
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    Many Mexican immigrants who are farmworkers and labor unionists came to this country from Mexico seeking a better life for their children. However, some Hispanic youth are falling into a lawless, dangerous world. This article briefly discusses labor union politics and tactics for immigrant workers, but focuses primarily on the how America is affecting and being affected by the rapidly growing Hispanic population. (Mar. 25, 1996)
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    Technology Review describes the promise and problems of crops which are genetically-altered to be herbicide-resistant; finds that advantages are tinged with disadvantages such as the increased use of herbicides to kill unwanted plants like weeds, which leads to increased danger to farmworkers and other animals, and fear that the resistence will spread to other, less desirable plants, May - June 1994.