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  • Firefighter Deaths

    Four suicides amongst Phoenix Fire Department members prompted this investigation. The stories detailed the link between first responders and suicide deaths.
  • The Fireman's Shadow

    Cleveland Magazine reports on the story of Thomas McCarthy- an all-American fire fighter and family man who was secretly a sex criminal. After being caught in a woman's home and linked to an additional rape, police searches in McCarthy's home, van and work locker found "condoms, rope, binoculars, and the names of 1,266 women." Despite the allegations, friends and family were shocked. 'He was the nicest guy you'd ever want to meet in your life . . .There was never a doubt in my mind about Tommy.' Sex-crimes profiler Roy Hazelwood says that many serial rapists fit many common statistics. "About 70 percent are married . . . and most sexually related ritualistic crimes are committed by while males of European descent." Throughout the article, Hazelwood explains his findings on sex criminals and the motives of serial rapists. In addition, he links these conclusions to comments and questions raised by friends of McCarthy.
  • I Want To Be a Fireman

    A Philadelphia Magazine investigation reveals that "at least 130 of the city's 4,400 active and retired firefighters, paramedics and emergency medical technicians have hepatitis C - a blood-borne, often fatal virus that attacks the liver." The report profiles six of the Philadelphia firefighters who believe that they have contracted the deadly disease on the job. The interviewees admit that they have often been involved in childbirths and "cases with a lot of bodily fluids." The story quotes one of the sick men who blames the fire department for not providing - until recently - the rescue workers with masks or gloves. It also describes how the city has denied the claims and has refused the medical expenses of the sick firemen..