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  • The Center for Public Integrity, The Texas Tribune, The Associated Press and Newsy: Blowout

    “Blowout: Inside America’s Energy Gamble” is the result of four newsrooms joining forces for the better part of a year to produce a multi-part investigation — seven stories, one full-length documentary — examining the vast scope, shadowy impetus and sweeping health and climate impacts of America’s largest oil and gas boom. Following key rule changes during the Obama administration that opened the floodgates for oil and gas exports, producers are looking to meet a growing global demand for fossil fuels — and, critics note, to inflate the need. We gave readers a cradle-to-grave look at this phenomenon, starting where the fossil fuels are pulled from the ground and ending in countries where they’re being consumed. Our series exposed the role of the U.S. government as a marketing agent for the fossil-fuel industry at a perilous time in the world’s history, with worsening climate change threatening lives, property and entire communities.
  • Free Water

    It seems like a simple process: you use a service, you pay for the service. But not when you are dealing with the city of Atlanta Department of Watershed Management. Most of this entry focuses on a single fancy condominium's startling water and sewer non-payment history and Atlanta's reaction. But the floodgates opened as the reporters continued digging. After finally receiving records the city didn't want them to see, the reporters found even more shocking multi-million dollar billing mistakes on thousands of other properties.
  • "Tunnel Troubles"

    Following the flooding and shutdown of a major tunnel thoroughfare, this investigation found a host of maintenance and safety concerns at a host of other area tunnels, including improperly functioning floodgates and broken fire hydrants and water valves. A bridge tunnel administrator who neglected the maintenance problems resigned after the stories aired.
  • The Children's Hour

    Arkansas-Democrat-Gazette examines how "the Web has opened the floodgates on child pornography," and delves into the horrors that sexually abused children and their families have gone through. The four-part series finds that "preying on children to feed adult fantasies, pornographers are spreading sexually explicit images faster and farther that authorities can handle." The investigation uncover the results of a recent study, which finds that "1 in 5 children [has been] sexually solicited on the Web," and that 25 % of children have seen pornographic websites. The story also details how undercover FBI agents "pose as children to attract the predators" on the Internet. The series profiles a notorious criminal,John MacMullen, who has drugged and raped eight girls and two women, and five other sentenced pedophiles.
  • Allegheny County Row Officers

    An archaic local government system, unchallenged for more than 200 years, opens the floodgates to rampant abuse by some top elected officials, who were found to spend more time at their law practices than on the job.