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  • Migration Swings

    The Census 2000 Supplementary Survey shows trends in migration by immigrants and domestic migrants (newcomers from other parts of the US). Regions not attracting either group have often experienced a prolonged economic decline or lack natural or cultural amenities that many migrants seek. California has the largest number of foreign-born residents, while Western and Southeastern states tend to attract many domestic migrants. States in the Midwest, Northeast and parts of the South have few migrants and tend to have older, less diverse populations.
  • Special report: Forced labor in America

    This U.S.A Today investigative series reports on domestic worker abuse. The investigation compiles information on more than 140 cases of hidden exploitation. The main finding is that the private home is becoming the modern-day version of a sweatshop. The first part of the series reveals that "many immigrants hired to work as nannies and maids in the United States are instead being forced into virtual bondage, where some are beaten, barred from leaving and denied basic medical care." The victims' status is often illegal, and they are afraid to disclose the abuse for fear of being deported. Statistics quoted in the stories show that immigrant live-ins are generally paid much below minimum wages. The second part of the series looks at the uncertain justice that victims receive, and depicts their difficulties to achieve emotional recovery and financial independence.