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  • Lobbyists

    A look at how lobbyists are spending money on state lawmakers and comparing Arizona's laws to other states. It was found that lobbyists have legal perks such as group event tickets to concerts, free meals at expensive restaurants and fancy out of town trips. Also, 15 years after a major scandal, the Arizona laws are found to be full of loopholes.
  • Congress's Private Air Force

    Being a part of Congress has its perks. Congress men and women often use lobbyists, businesses, and donors to get bargain airline flights on corporate jets. Also they have "the opportunity to be feted virtually every meal of the week" by lobbyists and corporations.
  • (Untitled)

    Los Angeles Times articles explore the business of wine critics, whose opinion columns have vast influence on the wine industry although most are not experienced journalists or knowledgeable students of wine and often accept free meals and junkets from wineries.