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  • Justice on the Grass

    Temple-Raston investigates the events leading to the genocide in Rwanda in 1994, and how Rwanda has fared in the aftermath. She details the United Nations' trial of three Rwandan journalists charged with inciting the murder of Tutsis. She follows their convictions for helping to start the RTLM hate radio station in Rwanda. She conveys how ordinary Rwandans felt during the three month-long genocide. She refers to her study as "the most notorious media trial since Nuremberg."
  • Secret Justice

    ABA Journal investigates how undisclosed settlements to lawsuits and closed-door proceedings shut out public scrutiny. The article finds that this practice reduces accountability and eliminates precedents. The author points to several examples of sealed court files, some of which involving giant corporations and movie stars. The major example is about a reporter, Kristen Mitchell with the Wilmington, N.C., Morning Star, who was fined for obtaining a sealed file inadvertently handed her by a court clerk. The file contained information on a secret settlement of an environmental lawsuit between Conoco Inc. and residents of a mobile home park. The newspaper, also, was ordered to pay Conoco $500,000, the journal reports.