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  • Trapped in Gangland

    The Central American gang MS-13 accounts for 1 percent of U.S. gang murders. But when Donald Trump became president, he seized on the gang’s violence on Long Island to promote tougher immigration policies. This series, co-published with New York magazine, Newsday, The New York Times Magazine and This American Life, showed how Trump’s bungled crackdown on MS-13 burned informants, deported young immigrants suspected of gang involvement on flimsy evidence, and failed to prevent further murders. Based on a year and a half of difficult and dangerous reporting, ProPublica reporter Hannah Dreier’s stories persuasively depicted how an entire subculture of Latino teenagers came to be trapped between the gang and the government.
  • L.A. Gangs Are Back

    Time Magazine reports on the recently renewed activities of Los Angeles' street gangs, and finds that the city "is in terrible shape - again." The story cites data that shows gang murders in L.A. increased 143% in 2000, and points to the returning of gang veterans from prison as one of the reasons behind the upsurge in violence. The story focuses on the activity of the Playboys, "one of 1,300 such groups in L.A., all of them stuck in a deadly spiral of violence that the justice system has not broken..."