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  • Two linked scandals: An embattled attorney general and a besieged Supreme Court

    In a series of investigative articles, The Philadelphia Inquirer raised major questions about the performance of Pennsylvania Attorney General Kathleen Kane. At the same time, the paper probed a related scandal involving misconduct at the state Supreme Court, whose justices Kane accused of swapping offensive emails on state computers—messages laden with pornography and misogynistic, homophobic and racist jokes. Unlike most entries in this contest, the newspaper’s work on this investigation has played out over more than a year in a saga that has gathered more and more momentum.
  • "Looting the Public Trust"

    In three different investigations, Jennifer Dixon reveals a single consistency: "piercing government bureaucracies." Bribes, questionable wire transfers and hundreds of millions lost in "bad deals" are all part of the investigative reports that reveal startling government misconduct in Detroit.
  • Tough Luck for the Innocent Man

    ABA Journal reports as scientific breakthroughs help overturn more convictions of wrongly imprisoned people, the new crime is how little their lost lives are worth. The few who can prove government misconduct may win lucrative civil-rights lawsuits. Fewer still may persuade legislators to pass special bills compensating them. But the majority either get nothing or scrape and claw for merely a token sum from state compensation systems.