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  • The Trace: NRA Lobbyist Marion Hammer

    In this investigative profile, Mike Spies exposes how the NRA’s most powerful lobbyist turned Florida into a lab for the nation’s most aggressive gun laws.
  • ADG: Violent Reality

    Since 1999, more than 8,000 Arkansans have died by gunfire — about half of them suicides. Although many law enforcement officials and legislators say that gun-control laws might work, they are unwilling to act. The stories explore the effect of specific laws on gun violence in other states, suicide-prevention advocates' work with gun sellers to keep weapons out of suicidal individuals' possession, and federal law enforcement's efforts to keep guns out of the hands of felons.
  • Sale of Ammunition to Minors

    In the national debate over gun control, we discovered little attention is focused on the sale of ammunition to minors. We went undercover to see if federally licensed firearms dealers followed the law regarding ammunition sales to minors.
  • Packing heat: How gun law loopholes tripled Canada’s rifle magazine limits

    Gun control has been in the news on both sides of the border - even as legislation goes in different directions. Canada just destroyed its long-gun registry, even as police officers who relied on its data called for its preservation. But here, we focused on the implications of failing to update gun laws for 20-odd years: Namely, such neglect creates unforeseen, potentially lethal loopholes that - for example - triple the legal magazine limit. But it's one thing to write about this. We went one better, obtaining dummy ammunition and a magazine cartridge to demonstrate in video online the ways in which outdated laws can be used against the public good.
  • Gun Permit

    In the state of Indiana, “no permit is required to possess a gun”. But to carry a gun outside of their homes or businesses, they must be issued a permit by the state police to make it legal. A few problems have arisen from this, which include the state issuing permits over the request of the local police not to and these permits being issued to convicted criminals or those deemed violent.
  • Virginia Tech Massacre Investigation

    The series was published around the time of the one year anniversary on the April 2007 Virginia Tech campus school shooting, and published periodically from June to December. It was found that university officials misled the public about how long they knew a gunman was at large, delaying the issued warning.
  • 3-part Corporate Espionage Series

    Between Aptil and August 2008, Mother Jones published an exclusive three-part investigation into corporate espionage on its Web site, The groundbreaking series exposed a private security company that spied on activist groups, and it also blew the cover on a mole for the gun lobby who spent more than a decade infiltrating the highest ranks of the gun-control movement.
  • Education in Crossfire

    It was found that 160 gun crimes had been committed on Memphis public school campuses over the last five years.
  • Police Illegally Buying Machine Guns

    "An ongoing, in-depth investigation, coupled with ongoing Freedom of Information litigation, of the secret, illegal purchase of dozens of machine guns by officers of the Albany, NY Police Department who used their agency's authority to buy automatic weapons for official use only as a means to acquire restricted firearms for personal sport and amusement. Eventually, the guns began turning up for sale in at least two gun stores. To this day, several machine guns remain missing and unaccounted for while the department refuses to comply with New York's FOI Laws and has fought disclosure of the truth at every turn."
  • Virgina Tech Shootings Raise Alarms About Gun Control and Mental Health

    These stories investigate a number of issues raised by the April 16th, 2007 shootings at Virginia Tech. They reveal shortcomings in the state's mental health system and a gaping loophole in the process used to screen mentally ill people seeking to purchase guns. The stories go into great detail about how the shooter, Seung-Hui Cho, battled mental illness and then was allowed to purchase guns because his illness was not reported databases used to screen gun buyers.