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  • Guns in Airports, Passengers Packing Heat

    2018 set a record for people trying to carry guns through airport TSA checkpoints. 4,239 guns were found in carry-on bags at airports across the country, that’s 12 guns every day. 86% of those guns were loaded. Our 11-month investigation focused on who was attempting to take firearms through security checkpoints and examined why there has been such a sharp increase in the numbers of weapons found in airports in recent years.
  • Remington Under Fire

    This CNBC investigation found that the Remington 700 series - the most popular bolt-action rifle in the world - is linked to "a trail of death and destruction, thousands of customer complaints and dozens of lawsuits, and allegations that a storied American company covered up knowledge of a potential safety flaw for more than 60 years."
  • Nail Gun Safety Under Fire

    There were years of warnings about dangerous nail gun models that went ignored as injuries using the tool soared, especially when using the automatic firing mode.
  • Licensed to Carry

    This CAR investigation looks into how many people possess gun permits in Allen County, IN. The article exposed several public figures who had gun permits, including those who were major advocates for gun safety and protecting the youth from violence. The investigation also went on to outline the current gun permit laws, and create profiles of permit holders--based on race, gender, and political affiliation.
  • Taser safety claim questioned; medical examiners connect stun gun to 5 deaths

    This series of stories examines stun-gun safety and how police are using the weapons. Stun-gun manufacturer Taser International has claimed that the shock of the gun is not lethal, but the Republic found the devices to be linked to at least 11 deaths, according to autopsy reports and interviews with medical examiners nationwide. The Republic's investigation also found that Phoenix area police use the weapon mostly against unarmed suspects in petty crimes. The newspaper's investigation prompted inquires by both the Securities and Exchange Commission and the Arizona Attorney General's office.
  • Fatal Attraction

    ABC news investigates how teenagers really react to guns. A few weeks after visiting a YMCA and giving gun safety lectures, ABC News conducted a hidden-camera experiment to find out how teenagers would react to finding a gun. The teenagers overwhelmingly played with the gun, loaded it, looked down the barrel and tried to fire it. The parents who watched the tape were horrified -- this was not how they thought their children would react.