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  • AP: Cosby on Trial

    Bill Cosby’s conviction was one of the keystone moments in the #metoo movement. After years of abusing women while building a reputation as one of the nation’s most recognizable and likable celebrities, “America’s Dad” was taken to jail in handcuffs. That moment may have never happened had it not been for AP reporter Maryclaire Dale fighting for nearly a decade to ensure Cosby’s statements about drugging and sexually assaulting women became public.
  • Rough Rides

    Denver Sheriff’s deputies, running the 16th Street Mall drunk van, handcuff intoxicated riders then fail to seat belt them securely into the cage. The results: 38 injuries in five years including gashed foreheads, stitches, and broken limbs. In more than half the cases, “braking” was a contributing factor, which raises the possibility the deputies are intentionally hurting the drunks (as payback for cursing, spitting at them etc.)
  • Tragedy on the Water

    A 20-year-old Iowa man died on May 31, 2014, while in the custody of a Missouri Highway Patrol trooper on the Lake of the Ozarks. Brandon Ellingson, stopped for suspicion of boating while intoxicated, was being transported to a patrol zone office when he fell – or, as the patrol initially said, jumped – from the trooper’s boat. His wrists were locked in handcuffs behind his back, and the life vest the trooper had placed over his head soon came off. Ellingson struggled to keep his head above water for several minutes before slipping to the bottom of the lake. Subsequent reporting revealed a series of mistakes by the trooper, a road veteran who had not received proper training to work the water after the Missouri Water Patrol was merged into the Highway Patrol in 2011.
  • Jailhouse Shock

    A rural Illinois jail faces allegations of Taser use from detainees who say they were tortured with them. The investigation found that at this jail, Taser use goes extremely unreported. Those that did report their Taser use admitted to using the Tasers when detainees were restrained by handcuffs or strapped into a chair.
  • Is this a lethal weapon?

    When Steven Wallen was shot and killed by two sheriff's deputies, the officers claimed the suspect used a pair of handcuffs as a lethal weapon. Further analysis of that day showed that much of what police told the media was false and that the deputies acted in ways that violated the use-of-force policy of the police department. Continued investigation revealed that the deputies involved were actually a training unit and were not the veteran law enforcement officers they were claimed to be in the paper.
  • Charlie Squad

    The Baltimore Sun reports about "the lives of 14 of Maryland's toughest juvenile delinquents as they went through one of the state's highly acclaimed boot camps and then returned home on probation.... 'Charlie Squad' ... documented a pattern of assaults by camp guards while the teenagers were in handcuffs and leg shackles. Even worse, once the delinquents were released to their communities, they quickly resumed lives of crime - peddling drugs, shooting heroin, stealing cars and resorting to violence, while easily ignoring required meetings with probation officers and drug counselors."
  • Locked in a Cage

    Court TV investigates the use of "detention trailers" in a Texas state prison. "Inmates at the State Prison in Gatesville, Texas, are locked outdoor in steel cages if they fail to keep pace with others assigned to chop grass in the brutal August heat." With surveillance equipment, Court TV watched as women were placed in the cage in handcuffs in 104-degree heat with limited access to water and bathroom facilities.
  • Police Macing Incident

    This investigation is of an incident which occured after a large music festival in Cincinnati. People were partying in the streets and police were standing by for crowd control. One of those officers - a Sergeant - was caught on video tape using a chemical weapon against a woman who was already in handcuffs and offering no apparent resistance.