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  • Hate in America

    Hate in America,” an investigation examining intolerance, racism and hate crimes, is the 2018 project of the Carnegie-Knight News21 program, a national multimedia reporting project produced by the nation’s top journalism students and graduates. Journalism students from 19 universities traveled to 36 states, conducted hundreds of interviews, and reviewed thousands of pages of federal-court documents, FBI data and state and federal statutes.
  • FRONTLINE / ProPublica: Documenting Hate

    FRONTLINE and ProPublica’s Documenting Hate collaboration — two hour-long documentaries and a raft of text stories — exposed some of the most violent figures within America’s resurgent white supremacist movement; the movement’s links to the U.S. military; and governmental failures to curb the criminal activities of dangerous white power groups.
  • The Hatred of Jews in Malmö

    An investigation of the hatred towards jews in Malmö that put attention to a serious and urgent problem in a way that was unprecedented. The reporters documented the harassments by wearing kippah and the Star of David, and uncovered the reactions with hidden cameras.
  • A House Divided; The War Within

    Beirich and Potok report on the takeover of the Sons of Confederate Veterans by extremist hate groups directed by "a white supremacist lawyer and long-time radical right activist named Kirk Lyons." As a group of extremists has taken control of the board of the "heritage organization" with more than 30,000 members nationwide, the stories warn that some might abandon SCV.
  • Nazism's new global threat

    Between 100,000 and 200,000 Americans are suspected of being linked with right-wing neo-Nazi and white supremacist hate groups. In this article News and Report examines how the Internet is creating a new presence of well-connected and well-funded racists globally. Groups such as Hammershkin Nation, the World Church of the Creator, and the National Alliance all claim to having thriving websites as well as international chapters popping up around the world.
  • The Guru of White Hate

    Blythe writes and in-depth interview with the "world's most influential white supremacist" William Pierce. He examines Pierce's book, magazine and new record label and what effect they have on the general public and other young or aspiring skinheads.
  • Ministry of Hate

    Through interviews with leaders and church members, this report examines the World Church of the Creator, one of the most active and sophisticated hate groups in the United States. Draper takes his readers into the minds of Matt Hale, leader of this hate organization, and a few of his followers'.
  • Hate Underground

    This three-part series examines the network of racist organizations proliferating in the Los Angeles area. (November 20, 21 & 22, 1995)