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  • European Jihadists

    As the world's attention turned to ISIS advancing from their staging ground in Syria through to Iraq, CNN International correspondent Atika Shubert and her team focused on the phenomenon of European jihadists joining their ranks. They are primarily young Muslims, who are drawn to fight in Syria -- often leaving solid middle-class homes and relatively comfortable lives to participate in “jihad” – holy war, alongside members of ISIS, al Qaeda and other groups. It is a phenomenon that keeps western intelligence agents up at night, and as this description is being written, Atika is in Paris reporting for CNN while French authorities are on a massive man-hunt for terrorists who may have done just that – gone to fight in Syria and come back to bring their extreme beliefs and its attendant violence back home. Through their reporting, Atika and her team have tried to understand the phenomenon – even interviewing British jihadists in Idlib, Syria via Skype to find out why they are there.
  • I is for Infidel

    Kathy Gannon spent 18 years in Afghanistan and is now regarded as the "most knowledgeable Western journalist" to observe the region. This book explains Afghanistan's past and present, and looks at what went wrong in the country.
  • The Jihad Files: Qaeda's Grocery Lists and Manuals of Killing, Turning out Guerrillas and Terrorists to Wage a Holy War

    The New York Times uses more than "5,000 pages of documents found in training camps and safe houses in Afghanistan to paint an unprecedented picture of how Al Qaeda functioned and trained its recruits."
  • A call for "Holy War"

    Since 1991, an Arabic magazine called "Assarat Al Mustaqeem" started publishing in Pittsburgh, distributing over 2,000 copies in the United States and some all over the world. The reporters uncovered ties between the magazine and other influential radical Muslim groups, and discovered the magazine to contain militant articles, advocating jihad and the killing of Jews.
  • The Making of John Walker Lindh

    Time Magazine tells the life story of the American Taliban John Walker Lindh, who grew up as a "quiet, bright young boy" from the suburbs. In Oct. 2002 Lindh was set to be sentenced to a maximum of 20 years in prison on terror charges. "For once, we could see why he would change the liberal comforts of Marin County, California, for the simplified, un-airconditioned means by which he lived in Afghanistan," states the contest entry questionnaire.
  • Made in the U.S.A.

    Kaplan sheds light on the underground jihad movement in America. The story reveals that up to 2,000 Americans have fought in holy wars around the world - Afghanistan, the Balkans, Kashmir and Chechnya - since the early 1990s. "Most of the jihadists are Arab Americans, but other are as diverse as America itself, and include native-born whites, blacks, and at least one Puerto-Rican," according to the contest questionnaire.
  • Prophecies of Terror, Attacking bin Laden, The Hunt for bin Laden, The Merchants of Mass Destruction

    A four-part CBS News investigative series reports into the "closed world of Osama bin Laden." The first part features an interview with a former Pakistani intelligence officer, mentor and friend of bin Laden, who warns that America has no idea of the might of Islam in a potential holy war. The second report examines the 1998 missile attack against bin Laden, and the role it played to transform the terrorist into a hero. The third part looks at bin Laden through the eyes of the people of his inner circle and other Muslims, and reveals that they view him as an "Islamic Robin Hood," who supports widows and orphans. The fourth part discovers that chemical and biological weapons from the old Soviet Union stockpile are being sold in the Afghan black market.
  • Arrested Italian cell sheds light on Bin Laden;s network

    The International Consortium of Investigative Journalists, a project of the Center for Public Integrity, reveals that month before Sept. 11 terrorist attacks the Italian police arrested men now believed to be al Qaeda operatives. Based on the findings in a 100-page secret report by Italian investigators, the article tells "a stunning story of cooperation among suspected Bin Laden cells across Europe ... and previously unknown connections among alleged Bin Laden loyalists in Italy, Britain, Belgium, Germany, Switzerland, Spain and France."
  • One man and a global web of violence

    The New York Times provides a vivid account of the birth and recent history of the modern jihad movement, which was largely started by Arab millionaire Osama bin Laden in 1987 when he had a vision that "the time had come... to start a global jihad, or Islamic holy war, against the corporate secular governments of the Muslim Middle East and the Western powers that supported them."
  • 1994 IRE TV Award Winners and Finalists Tape.

    The 1994 IRE TV Award Winners and Finalists Tape is a compilation of 5 stories. 1.) "Jihad In America," PBS, SAE Productions. For this network of extreme Islamic militants, Jihad is a holy war, an armed struggle to defeat non-believers and establish an Islamic empire in America. See # 10650. 2.) "Mercy or Money," Turning Point, ABC News. A year-long investigation into Americans profitting from the war in Bosnia. A woman who claims to run a charity but was she out to help the kids or help herself? The miracle of how some children were saved and the outrage over what happened to the rest. Including a five-year-old girl who lost her leg in a bombing, has bags under her eyes becuase she lies awake at night listening to gunfire. See #10962. 3.) "Toxic Testing," KCTA, St. Paul. In 1953, the Army secretely sprayed thousands of Americans with toxic chemicals, who nevr knew they were the subject of a nationwide experiment. See # 10646.